Happy 1 Year!!

Yes, I realize our anniversary was a couple days ago, but I have been ever so slightly busy with every so many things and have not had time to post this. We did have a great day together. We went to IKEA and picked out furniture for our house, new book cases and such, and then we had dinner at a fabulous restaurant, Texas Roadhouse (thank you E for the recommendation, we loved it) and then played games with Daysh and Joe and then I got a back rub and it twas wonderful. :)
But, I did want to share my thoughts about my WONDERFUL husband and the perfect year we've shared together so far. :)
Oh, and by the way, this will be slightly cheesy, so for all of you that are not interested in sappy...you may want to skip this post. :)
Topher is my best friend in the entire world.
With Topher, I can say anything, do anything, act any way, look any way, feel any way...and he loves me all the same.

I can be silly, grumpy, immature, lazy, quiet, obnoxious, mellow, depressed, annoyed, un-motivated, rude, loud, dramatic, emotional, and every other emotion you could possibly imagine that normally wouldn't be an attractive one...and yet...for all those emotions, Topher has been able to look at me and tell me I'm beautiful and that he loves me.

He knows how to comfort and motivate me.
He knows just how to hold me to help me fall asleep.
Just what to say to make me stop crying.
Just what to say to make me smile.
And just what to do to make my day.
He also does the dishes, takes out the garbage, vacuums, sweeps, does laundry, cooks, cleans the toilet, makes the bed, and puts my clothes away for me...and he does all of these about 90-100% of the time, (except cooking, cuz I really like to cook). What a wonderful helper!!
On top of everything he does for me, he is just an amazing person.
He is smart, helpful, kind, generous, humble, fun, loving, playful, amazingly attractive!, motivated, energetic and the sweetest thing ever.
I love him so much!
I never thought that my first year of marriage would have so many events and emotions and trials packed into it, but Heavenly Father thought Topher and I needed and could handle all of those experiences. Looking back at my life, and the other type of people I associated with and dated, I never could've handled ANY of these emotions or trials with any other person. I'm so glad I was blessed to find Topher and to have him in my life. Throughout the past couple of months that have been so emotionally challenging, I have come to love and appreciate him more than I ever thought possible.
He is my everything and I'm so happy to be married to him.
Not only that, but he's going to make an ADORABLE daddy in 5 more days. :)
Happy Anniversary my Love!!! One year down, only Eternity to go!!


Lauren K said...

It's already been a whole year!!!? Wow :D That's so awesome, congrats!

The Andersens said...

I don't deserve half that praise, but thank you my sweet adorable, beautiful, and wonderful wife!!!! I love you oh, so much, I know this wonderful year would have been nothing without you and all of the fun and joy that you bring to me, (to say nothing of all of the kisses :-) hehe I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Topher

princess jen said...

So if Topher does all those wonderful things and says all those sweet things and is such an amazing thing...what's your job??

J/K! That was a sweet post buggy-boo almost a mom. I love you and your big belly too! BTW...take some more belly pics and post them!

Sara & Company said...

Wow! That was so sweet. Congratulations you two!!! You are so great together and I wish you all the love and joy in the world!

lizzieluvin said...

you two are winners. happy late anniversary. keep 'em coming!

Mythreesons said...

I was thinking the same thing as Jen... what exactly DO you do? Sounds like Topher does it all and still has to put up with an hornery, moody, and demanding wife. Sounds like he deserves a medal! We're sure glad he's part of the fam... because not only is he a sweet husband to put up with you, he's also an awesome uncle! Happy Anni to you two!

Super Daysh said...

As Emily the weirdo would say "happy anni". Uh, that is not a word, Emily. Re re. Anywho. Now for the MEANINGFUl comment...congrats you two! I never thought you'd make it. ;) j/k
You guys are great for eachother - because Buggy is demanding/hornery and (according to her) Topher likes it! What a great combo! ;) j/k again. Happy anniversary and thanks for letting us share the "good" part.