Well, Hey everyone, seeing as my last blog was rather short and I have a bit more time now I will post a slightly longer, and more detailed account (illustrated too!). We are at The University Of Utah Hospital, got here about two hours ago, and are in our own little room (number 10) in the labor and delivery ward. We have started with the induction process. Buggy had some cervidill-- to "ripen her cervix" along with an I.V. and some monitering equipment placed on her. I included a little picture of my adorable wife in a hospital gown...amazing how she can still look cute, no?
We are expecting to have a pretty calm night tonight, the nurses said that the main goal for the evening is to get a little dialation going and keep the baby happy and comfortable, so that we can plan on a delivery for tomorrow when all the doctors are at here and ready to go.


Carl & Karen said...

Yea!! Here we go! Topher, we're proud of you for blogging. And Bug, you look so cute in your hospital gown (but where's that throwaway PJ shirt we bought???)

Get your rest--tomorrow's a big day!! We love you both very much and you're ALWAYS in our prayers.

Love, Karen and Dad

Super Daysh said...

Yay! Cervical ripening! Sounds so scrumptious!! tee hee hee. I'm sorry you had a bit of a rough day. But just think, in like 10-24 hours, you will have a new baby! Yay! We will call her shamiqua with the fat lips. tee hee he. Hang in there, be strong and we will keep praying for you!
Love, Dacia (in case you forgot that my name is above my comment like Karen...tee hee hee)