more pics...and side note

we really need to go to bed. we're just both so obsessed with looking at pictures of her. we can't get enough!!!
so...here's a couple more...and then we really are going to go to sleep. :)

just a little side note...
I've heard through grapevines that some of you are sad after the news we've gotten thus far. I've heard that some people were slightly angered by how unfair the situation seems...(and it is very possible that this side note may just apply to my (buggy's) immediate family...)
but, I wanted to let you know that last night, when Topher and I were reading scriptures we were reading in Alma 29. After reading, we talked about our impressions.
Verse 3 reads:
"I ought to be content with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me"...later in the chapter it says, the Lord "doth grant unto all...that which he seeth fit that they should have...the Lord doth counsel in wisdom, according to that which is just and true".
Topher and I know that our Father in Heaven loves and cares for us. We know that he would never do anything that would make us unhappy, at least...not permanently ;) . We know that the path he has laid for us is one which leads to eternal happiness...even if it has temporal pain and trial.
We don't want to, per say, be banging our heads against the door that has shut, when really Heavenly Father is opening another door just behind us. A door that may have better outcomes. Complicated and overwhelming, yes. But possibly much much better.
Anyways. To be honest, I'm quite unaccustomed to the overwhelming flow of comments and support coming from all over the entire family on our blog. Normally, I get a few comments from my immediate siblings. So I apologize if my ramblings don't make sense to anyone but them. But, I did want to share that we are trying to keep our faith strong. We don't want anyone to be sad or disappointed or angry with the turn things have taken. Especially if any of that anger is directed at Heavenly Father. We truly believe that he loves us and is watching over Grace at all times.
Please continue with all the love, support, faith and prayers. It's the one thing we all can give Grace that will help her the very most.
FINALLY...good night! Sweet dreams!


princess jen said...

Thank you for that little side note buggy-boo. I'm glad you came over tonight. It was so good to see you again. Give Topher our love. Let us know when we can see baby gracie again. WE LOVE YOU!!

AJ Finnegan said...

Wonderful pics once again! Keep reading to her, keep talking to her :) Even sing to her. I'm sure she is loving every moment with you two.

I love the faith and courage you two are showing. You have maturity far beyond your years. Those scriptures in Alma are very appropriate and have lifted my spirits about the situation.

I think you're right: a heart transplant in the long run could turn out even better than the original plans. I'm anxious to hear your update on that.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you again today!


Super Daysh said...

That was really sweet little Bug. Thank you for sharing that. I think I was rather bitter at first, but after a great humbling (and a reprimand from a loving Father) I feel much better now and know that whatever happens is for your good and betterment and is out of love for His sweet little daughter, Grace. Whatever happens will be great (I'm still not discounting a miracle..I know it's possible!) and will be what is supposed to happen. I have faith in our Lord and Savior and know that He could heal your little Grace if that was what was best for you and for Grace. Only time will tell...and a lot of faith and prayers. We love you Bug and continue to pray for your comfort and strength. xoxo

Mythreesons said...

Oh little bug, those pictures are beautiful! I love the little pink bow and it's nice to have a pic with you where you don't look so somber. I absolutely love the pic of Topher reading to her. That's about the sweetest thing ever and I really appreciate your thoughts. It would be nice if we could all be as positive and optimistic as guys have been. We certainly have a lot to learn and will continue the faith and prayers. We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Toad and Buggy,
Little Grace is so beautiful.
I think she has Moms cute little nose.
I wrote you a little note last night, but you know me, not knowing what I was doing the note is on the bottom under Misty's note.
Our prayers are with you.
Toad and Buggy I love you both. Have a good day and love Gracie alot. Give her Kisses and hugs from me and keep some for yourselves. Love ya always,
P.S. I am sorry. I never thought about this being for your family. I hope this is okay.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for the last few days and didn't really know that I could comment until I signed up yesterday. Just wanted to let you know that our thought and prayers are with you and I am sure that you will make decisions that are best for you. You are being guided by Heavenly Father and there is no way I envy your situation but I am glad that you have found the strength to cope.

Love Heidi and Kailey

Anonymous said...

I am sure we all are just as obsessed with seeing lil Gracie!
We all LOVE the pictures!! Keep them coming when time and energy permits!

Grandpa Chuck and I thought the same thing as one of your other commenters made......that God knows what Gracie needs today AND for the future. A transplant may just be the better and more sustaining avenue for Gracie. Even if she needs another in 10-15 years and needs to take meds every day......who could know that had she had the surgeries that later down the road she wounldn't have required a transplant anyway.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and knows everything. WE only see a small piece of the picture and try our best to act accordingly....but God is there directing as needed, opening and closing doors which is His way to guide us....because HE knows it all and knows what needs to be done!

Thank you both for your continued hope, faith, and testimony to us all!!!

We love you!!
Grandpa Chuck & Donna

Anonymous said...

Dear Topher and Buggy,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are amazed at your strength. We know that Heavenly Father can bring peace and comfort to you throughout this situation. She is a beautiful baby!

Jon & Michelle Muir & Family

Jenn said...

Alysia- Liz's sis, Jenn, here.
You are amazing. I am so impressed by your strength and courage. What a beautiful little girl. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love,
Jenn & fam

Austin Andersen said...

Topher you can Read??!