My brave bave little buggy!! We love you So So So much!!!!


AJ Finnegan said...

I'm hitting the refresh button every five minutes!!

We're praying so hard for all of you!

Love you guys!

princess jen said...

Isn't waiting the hardest part? At least it's gone relatively quickly up to this point! I just got back from taking the kids to school. Anya has been jumping up and down with excitement!

Super Daysh said...

Go buggy!! I will come up in a little bit to visit with you!! Love you and am praying for you lots and lots. Be safe, be happy and know it's almost over and you will get to see your sweet little one. Love you!

Christi said...

I hope you are doing wonderfuly leash!!!!
I'm sitting here waiting and praying for you!! I love ya darlin. You are amazing.

AJ Finnegan said...

Everyone keep praying!!!

Allie just sent a text to Venice. She heard back that Grace was born at 9:45 (ten minutes ago). She was taken right to ICU.