Well... I don't know where to start. It has been a long day. We checked out of the hospital, and after three days, we are back home for the first time.
We had quite the morning. We made it out of bed, after a questionable hospital "omelet" and started off to see our little Gracey. When we walked into the intensive care unit, we found a small gathering of doctors and nurses around grace's bed; something that we have realized is not a good sign. It turns out that Grace had had a few episodes during the night where her life saving prostiglandins medication had relaxed her muscles to the point where they forgot to breathe and so they were in the process of hooking our baby up to a ventilator. The nurses said that she had done well to last this long without it, and hopefully she would get more used to the medication and be able to come off of it soon, but for now the machine would do the breathing for her. She is starting to look like she is lying in a plate of spaghetti, surrounded by all of her tubes and wires.


Anonymous said...

God's strength, peace, comfort, and loving arms around Gracey and you all!!!

We love you!!!

G. Chuck & Donna

Christi Ann said...

I am so sorry honey. I am thinking and praying for all of you. Man, I cant wait to get there and help out in any way that I can. I miss you darling and hang in there. I know you guys can get through this and I am so proud of how strong you guys are. I love ya'll tons.
CALL ME IF YOU NEED TO TALK OR ANYTHING!! I can just listen and and do what I can.

With all the love and strength i have,
your Fork Klepto

Mythreesons said...

I am amazed that you guys manage to take such a humorous look at things when things are so tough. I guess that's one of my favorite things about you two. I'm sorry she's on a ventilator, but if it's normal, then "GO GRACE" for lasting this long without one. We knew she was a fighter:) We're still praying and I hope to see you guys either tonight or tomorrow. Keep us updated. Love you lots and lots!

Super Daysh said...

Love you little Bug. I'm sorry to hear that she's on a ventilator, but it sounds like that's normal. She's a tough cookie and she will be fine! I just know it. We are still praying for you and your sweet little family. We love you all!

AJ Finnegan said...

I agree, good for Gracey for being so tough. Honestly, I wouldn't mind it if I had something to help me breathe once in a while, too. That's tough work for a little baby with so many other things to get used to.

Sweet little girl! I can't wait to see her for myself. I absolutely love all the pictures of her, and especially the ones with her parents. It's so sweet that she latched on to both of your fingers. Those pics are priceless!

We're still praying like crazy!


crowfamily said...

Alysia and Topher,
I know just how scary it is to see your little one surrounded by tubes and having machines doing the work that their little bodies just can't do on their own. Just know that we are praying for you constantly. Your family is on prayer chains that stretch coast to coast and across the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Topher,Buggy and Lil' Gracie,
Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish there were words to express my love and support for you at this time of your lives. Stay strong, rely on each other and your Heavenly Father as He knows of your heartache. Kiss Grace for me, (on the tips of her little toes, you know how I love babies feet!) she is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your strength and willingness to share your thoughts and feelings with us all as you go through this - everyone asks how you are and what is happening with Grace - I am amazed at your strength and ability to write to us and keep us updated on everything. It is appreciated.
Carry on - love each other - and cherish Lil' Gracie.
Shannon C.
P.S. Buggie - I miss your presence at work, it's not the same with you not there.