Well, this blogging thing is pretty neat. I think that I'll post another. I hope there are some of you out there enjoying this as well, please feel free to leave comments and let us know how all of you are doing. Also, I would like to thank everyone for all of your prayers. We have had so many people that have let us know that they are praying for us, and asked us if there was anything we needed or anything...we've felt very, very loved. Thank you very very much!! We are very nervous and woried, and excited. Not really sure what to expect, but that may be rather normal for having a baby, especially the first. We're praying a lot and really feal that it will end up all right, but we are braced for quite a ride. From what the nurses said to us tonight, we are going to have the baby mid dayish, and then after a quick look she'll be moved right through the window in our room into the intensive care unit and will spend a half hour or so being "stabilized". Not sure everything that will happen at that point, but she will be hooked up to all of the moniters and I.V.s that she will need for the next few days, and prepared for the walk over to primary childrens hospital. At that point they said that she will be put in our room for about ten minutes before the move to Primary childrens. At that point we can have family see her for a moment before she goes over to the NICU and the rules are much stricter on visiters. So we will keep the family posted on the timing and hpefully make that time available to show off our little girl..who will no doubt be the cutest thing ever :-)

So that is about the extent of what we know at this point. Thank yo again for all of your prayers and thoughts!!


Sara & Company said...

You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Just let your body do what it knows how to do and rely on the love and support from your cute hubby and family. For sure you can call me if you need anything. Wishing you all the luck these next few days. And yes....you two are both just darling and will be the cutest new parents!

Allie said...

Hey Topher and Buggy, hope you are getting some sleep tonight. I will be thinking of you tomorrow keep us posted this is a cool way to let everyone know what is happening. love ya both Allie

princess jen said...

So exciting! But I'm going to bed now. I can't wait to read this in the morning. Thanks for all the updates Tofutti-butti. You are the best! Give the bugs some kisses from us.

AJ Finnegan said...

Hi Toph and Buggy!!

I am up late thinking about you and baby Grace and thought I'd write to say we are all praying like crazy and have all the faith in the world that this sweet little girl of yours will be a miracle in all our lives.


Hang in there, Buggy! It's worth all the pain, I promise it is :)


Super Daysh said...

yay! Go buggy! You litthe birthing machine!! We love you and are praying for you and little Grace!