She is doing wonderfully, She has her own little room now in the ICU...even has her own flat screen T.V. on the wall (though I don't think she cares to much :-) haha The nurses say that she is doing wonderfully. her numbers, i.e. blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, etc. are very good.
The doctor just came in and said that there is an opening in the cath lab tomorrow around 2:00 in the afternoon so Grace will go in to have her stent placed at that time. This second part of the procedure is done through a catheter so they won't have to cut open her chest again. Instead they will just thread a line, starting in her upper thigh, up through her artery. This will allow them to place the stent that will keep the PDA duct open, thus keeps her alive.


AJ Finnegan said...

WOW!! I'm so happy for her, and for you and Topher as well. We all knew Gracey has a fighting spirit, and this just proves it for sure.

Thanks so much for the frequent updates today. It keeps me from bothering your in-laws every ten minutes!

:) Amy

Kim said...

What Wonderful news! We are so glad to hear that the surgery has gone so well.