Topher and I, in case you weren't sure, have indeed made a decision and moved forward with the option of transplant. Little Gracey went in for surgery this morning at 8:00. I got to the hospital around 7:30 with my sweet sister Emily and spent about 20 minutes with my little one. I got to half hold her...they let me slip my hands under her head and her bum and just cradle her in my hands for about 10 minutes. I told her how much I and her Daddy love her and gave her kisses, (probably a "no no", but I'm her mommy, so too bad!) said a prayer in my heart that angels would stay with her throughout the procedure, especially when her mommy and daddy couldn't be with her and then went with the Doctors through the hall and watched them wheel her into the O.R.

The anesthesiologist said he would call us in the waiting room and let us know how it went to put her to sleep.

We got our 1st phone call about 30 minutes ago. They said they had started the procedure and that she was doing fine, and that a nurse would be in around 10:30 to let us know how the procedure was going.

Please pray for our sweet little girl that she will be ok and that the Doctors will be perfect!

Heavenly Father has blessed us so abundantly, we know that he is always with us and watching over our little one.

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