As a quick note: I was just thinking about some of the blessings that we have recieved as of late. Some of this was actually brought on by overhearing some of the situations that the other parents have here in the ICU. We have been very blessed financially. This last few months we have been trying to get Medicaid as a secondary insurence. Medicaid would pay almost anyting our insurence doesn't. We've had a few bumps a long the way: we had to qualify by having an income under a certain level. Usually this wouldn't be too difficult ;-) but the last few months we have had extra pay periods and christmas bonuses and things that were a great blessing at the time, but made our income just over the allowed level. It took us until February qualify. However we had recieved gifts and financial aids that had made it so that we had "assets" that were too great. We had finally worked out a way to pay a co-pay and still qualify, but it was going to really rather expensive.
About two weeks ago we had a blessing from Curtis in which he told us to pay our tithing and a good fast offering. Since then we went to see the medicaid case worker again, and she suddenly remembered a random rule that exempted "High risk pregnencys" from any co-pay. So we will be able to qualify with out having to pay a penny out of pocket! yea! Then we started trying to figure out the monthly budget....and....well, it wasn't so great...so we skrimped as best we could, bought only the bare minimum from the gas station and when alysia went to deposit our next check, our bank acout was exactly 0.00! It had worked out down to the Cent! we didn't have a penny left in the budget but we didn't overdraw at all, it came out EXACTLY! I don't think I could do that again if I tried...We were very blessed.
Thank you Everyone for all of your prayers!!!!!


crowfamily said...

What wonderful blessings! I am so happy that things are finacially working out for you so that you can concentrate on your baby and not have that worry in the background. BTW, are you guys elligiable for Medicare? A friend of mine, her son qualifies for both medicaid and medicare after he lost his kidneys (and even since the transplant) since he is considered by the medical community to be disabled for the rest of his life.

princess jen said...

I'm glad that the money stuff is working out (even if you don't have any!) Medical bills are such a stress and now you have one less thing to trouble your mind with. I had fun at dinner with you and I can't wait to see all the pictures you took!! Love you both lots and lots and little Gracey baby too.

AJ Finnegan said...

That's all amazing! And believe me, we've had those sort of financial times as well, where you just know the Lord is the only thing keeping your little family afloat!

It's then that you truly do gain a testimony of tithing, and no one can do that until they experience the windows of heaven opening up and giving them miracles beyond their ability to explain.

Your faithfullness to the Lord's commandments is blessing you in many, many ways right now.

So, you two, it seems like you are taking turns writing the blogs now (this one was Toph, right?) Who wrote all the heart stuff?! :) If you remember just one more thing (with ALL the other things on your mind!) please sign your posts! haha.

It's truly so inspiring to see new updates. Thanks so very much for keeping us involved. We love baby Grace, and she will continue to be the priority of both our thoughts and prayers.

Amy :)

Mythreesons said...

I'm still amazed and touched at all the tiny little blessings and miracles... it's nice to have one less thing to worry about and I admire your ability to still see them through the tears and heartache. I love you guys and appreciate the example you're setting.

AJ Finnegan said...

Anxiously awaiting news of today's second surgery. Hope all went as well as it did yesterday :)


Christi Ann said...

I second the post above me.
I hope everything is alright!!!!!
I will call later tonight with my flight schedule.
Love and prayers coming your way!!
<3 - Christi Ann

AJ Finnegan said...

All right, well I'm going to take the liberty to say that I've heard through the grapevine that Gracey did well with sugery number two! :)

Hopefully we'll hear some details (and see pictures, please! IF you get the time and have the energy :) later tonight or tomorrow.

Fasting and prayers really do work!

Yay for Gracey, we love you!!!

Gourley Family said...

I know you do not know me, but we have a lot in common. My son Ryker was born with HLHS and I am part of intermountain healing hearts. My niece is going to be born this July with HLHS too and her name is going to be Grace also. What special little babies these little ones are! I pray that all goes well and your family has the peace that is so very needed!
Our blog is gourley2004.blogspot.com.

Shannon said...

Sounds like Grace is doing great and wanted to let you know that Jon and I have been thinking of you guys for the last week. I was looking around at some other heart baby blogs and found this poem. It made me cry but i thought it was beautiful. Just thought i would share it with you. I don't maybe you've actually already seen it.
Love Jon and Shannon

It's a beautiful day up in heaven. Jesus is rounding up his tiniest angels, to go live on earth, and be born. One of the sweetest angels says to Jesus "I don't want to leave, I like it here, and I will miss you". He reassures the scared little angel that everything will be okay, and that she is just going for a visit. She is still not swayed on this idea. So Jesus kneels down, and says, "How about if you leave half of your heart here with me and take the other half with you, will that be okay?" The angel smiles and says, "I guess that will work". But the little angel is still a little scared. She asks,"Will I be okay with only half of my heart?" Jesus replies,"Of course you will, I have other angels there that will help out, and you will be fine." Then Jesus gives the angel more details about his plan. He says "When you are born, your mommy will be scared, so you have to be strong, and when you feel weak just remember that I have the other half of your heart". "Enjoy your time with your family, play and laugh everyday." "And when its time to come back to heaven, I will make your heart whole again. Always remember that you are not broken, just torn between two loves."

Anonymous said...

Hi Topher, Alisha and Grace,
You have been on my mind constantly and I so appreciate your updates. It was very interesting to read the information about Grace's heart condition. It answered a lot of questions. We are so happy that you have some good news to share about her successful surgeries! What a blessing. Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."
I send my love and faith and prayers.
Shannon Chase

Moosie said...

Buggy and Topher,
I'm so glad that everything went well - I wish I was able to come and see her! Pat and I will be out there for Kira's graduation on April 25th!
We love you guys