No News....But Pictures

Some Pictures of Grace from this morning, I (topher) got to hold her for the first time this morning. She is so beautiful, a cute, cute little face, i don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful newborn. Then again I might be a little bias..... :-)

By the way...just so you all know, (this is mommy talking now) Topher DEFINITELY has the magic touch with her. she was crying a little when we came in and sort of irritable, but as soon as she was in Daddy's arms she quieted right down, went to sleep, and later tried to open her eyes to look at who was holding her!! And...although it may not be a positive...we're pretty sure he got a little smile out of her when he was tickling her chin. All in all, Topher is an adorable daddy and his daughter is taken with him. ;)
We still haven't heard word about the surgeon's meeting. So keep praying and we'll let you know when we know!


princess jen said...

What a sweet daddy you are Topher! Those pictures are wonderful. Thank you for being such good bloggers and sharing all this with us. We love you!

AJ Finnegan said...

Oh my! She is even more beautiful today than yesterday!!!!

Toph, you are a natural daddy. Little Gracey is so very blessed to have such wonderful parents.

We are awaiting news - on bended knee.


Christi Ann said...

Last night for dinner at scotts, I said the prayer and you guys were my first blessing. I am thinking of you. I wish I was there. You guys are amazing. Love you, miss you.
-Fork Klepto

Kalani said...

She is such a beautiful baby. Our whole family is thinking of you and praying for you. I am so glad that she is doing well enough for you to hold her. You guys are great parents and we all love you here.

Thoughtful Runner said...

Who knew what it would take to actually have me reading a blog multiple times a day?! We DO appreciate the updates you are providing and the ability to follow along with you as you learn and experience the first awakenings and impressions of being a Dad or Mom - it truly is a beautiful and wonderful thing. However, most of us get to take baby steps in this process - feeling a new and powerful type of love....and then going from there. Certainly - for most of us - the complete range of emotions and experiences is also part of the process - but we get those over time - hopefully as we are capable of dealing with them appropriately. It looks like the Lord believes you two are ready to face a much wider spectrum already - and just know we are all out here - all praying for you, all thinking about you, all sending you energy and love. She is a beautiful little girl - and we are just so happy to have her as part of our family. Even for an old Grandpa like me it was something special to take her little foot in my hand yesterday and to feel of her spirit.
Okay - I'm rambling. I love you all three of you. Never give up hope. Never give up faith. We're in this with you.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!!
Curtis I got your message. Sorry I missed the phone. I was actually on the blog with your dad on the phone when you called. :-)Thanks for calling.

We just want you to know that we are in a contstant heart of prayer for lil Gracey. It's so hard to understand situations like this. And, God tells us that there will be things in our lifetime that we may never undertand...but we must have faith, hope, patience, and keep our eyes on Him. It is wonderful to know that you are doing all those!

I am praying and believing that "with God all things are possible". That He will give one surgeon there a miracle idea and confidence to try. AND, that GOD can do miracles!! In Jesus Name! I pray God's strength, mercy, and healing on lil Gracey.

Know that God WILL and IS blessing you all through this process!!

We love you all so much!

Thanks for taking the time to do this blog during such an emotional journey!!

Hugs and kisses to you all!

We love you!

Grandpa Chuck and Donna

Super Daysh said...

Nope, you aren't biased. She is beautiful! I'm glad Topher got to hold her. He looks like a great daddy already. And the good thing about having her in the hospital is that you guys can't misplace her! :)

kristen said...

What a sweet baby! You two are such great parents. Thanks for keeping us posted during this difficult time for you. You are always in our thoughts and we will keep praying and praying and praying. We love you all!
Tyler and Kristen and fam

Dallin said...

The photo of Topher holding Grace is one of the most beautiful images I have ever seen. I am touched by your selflessness in keeping all those who love and care about you informed as you write this chapter in the story of your family. My heart is filled with hope and love for each of you.

Miracles manifest themselves in so many ways; I know you will see that in the days to come. We all pray for a miracle on behalf of Grace, but we also pray for the miracle of strength, comfort and courage for you, her parents, as you face the challenges that lie ahead. No road is easy from this junction. May the hope, faith and prayers of all those who love and care for you smooth your journey.


Kim said...

What a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us- she really is gorgeous- and so is her mother!

We are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.
Kim, Duane, and family

Mythreesons said...

hey guys! We love love love you and are praying our little hearts out. I just talked to mom and it sounds like we'll be praying nonstop until at least 2... we love you and I hope you guys are able to get some rest. And I love the pictures... you two are beautiful parents to a beautiful little girl and we love you all so much!