New Pictures for the Day

I realize that most of you are probably awaiting the blog about our meeting with the Transplant Team today, but Topher and I are completely exhausted and overwhelmed.
We will post, I PROMISE. But, we really need some sleep and time to process all the information.
If it was awful news, we'd post it, and if it was wonderful news, we'd post it. Since it's just overwhelming complicated news...we hope you'll be ok with getting a post first thing tomorrow. :)
So, to hold you over til' tomorrow...here's some pictures we took today.

Topher got to do Diaper Duty!! He only needed help a couple times and encouragement that tightening the diaper so it would stay on was not going to hurt her!!

This is about as beautiful a picture as you can get now that she has the ucky ventilator tube down her throat. Its so sad that you can't hear her little whimpers anymore. Not that you want her to whimper...but they were such sweet little noises.


AJ Finnegan said...
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AJ Finnegan said...

AHHHH!! So darn cute!! Oh, you just made my day :)

I am so happy to see Grace out of her bed and she's such a cutie!

Toph changing a diaper! Such a natural!

Lots of love,

AJ Finnegan said...

Oh, I guess that IS her bed, it's just so big and not in a bubble like I thought.

So, so darling!! I can't stop looking at the pics :)

Carl & Karen said...

Now Topher can do ALL the diapers--yea!!!

lizzieluvin said...

oh, she's gorgeous. :)
your strength throughout this ordeal is incredible. whatever happens, i know your little family will make it through. i'm keeping you kids in my prayers! love you!