it has been a rather rough 2 hours. The petocin worked very well...my poor wife...she spent the last 2 hours completely exhasted and in a lot of pain. She is still at about a four or a five, and progressing nicely, but the contractionts were coming heavy, about every minute or two, and very painful, and they worried about the baby a little so they took off the petocin and alysia got a little bit of pain medication to help her get some rest...she is soooo exhasted she was feeling sick. Now she is finally lying peaceful again and hopefully falling asleep. Thank you again for your prayers, and pray for alysia to have the strength that she'll need tomorrow.

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Super Daysh said...

Be tough Buggy!! Be tough! You can do it!! :) That was supposed to be a cheer, so imagine me cheering you on in your hospital room...if it helps, imagine me in the french maid costume doing my cheer for you! Love you!