I didn't realize that this Sunday is Easter. Sorry! For those of you that fast for us, please fast either Sunday OR Monday. That would be wonderful and would help us a lot. But definitely don't feel obligated to fast on Easter!! Thanks again. :)


AJ Finnegan said...

Hi Toph and Buggy :)

Just wanted to thank you for updating every day. I think we're all hitting refresh every 30 minutes to see if there's any news on Gracey, so keep it up :)

Hope you have a wonderful day with her.


Anonymous said...

You guys rock. I will fast and continue praying for you all. Elise my 6year old said remember that Nephi said the lord will provide a way. That means will send the holy ghost to hug you. Sometimes kids are smarter than the grown ups!
Love Bev

Austin Andersen said...

Love all your pictures :)