OB Appointment

I had another appointment this morning...in case any of you are ever in doubt of when they are, my OB appointments are every Thursday morning. Normally they're done by about 10. So you can call after that and I'll normally answer my phone....unless its lost....as it often is.
So, this morning, I had another appointment. They checked my amniotic fluid since it's been low lately, and alas it is lower than last week: 6.2 from 6.8 last week. But, they also did the Non-Stress Test and since baby was very active and had a really good heart rate they said everything was fine. They'll just keep checking me each week, and as long as she's active and has a good heart rate, she'll be fine to wait until the 17th. My Dr. did however say that since the fluid level hasn't raised at all, they plan to fore-go the amniocentesis before induction. If the fluid level does increase however, back up to about 8-10 then they'll keep the appt. As for right now however, I don't need to plan on it.
Something else that I cleared up, mainly for Emily's sake, is that I'm being delivered 2 weeks and 2 days before my due date, and the main reason they wanted to do the amniocentesis was because since it was prior to 40 weeks, and it was going to be a forced birth, they take every precaution to make sure the baby is ready. When moms deliver early ON THEIR OWN however, that normally means the baby and the mom is ready, so they don't check the lung maturity.
So, the Dr. was just trying to take every precaution to make sure she was healthy and ready to come out.
On to the next topic...at my Birthing Class, my teacher recommended I start drinking Red Raspberry tea, or take Red Raspberry leave pills...she pretty much swore by them that they would help me dilate. So, I went and got me some and have been taking the max. dosage, (yes I checked with my OB first!) and today they checked my cervix to see if I was dilated at all. And I was! Sure it was only to a 1...but dilated none the less!
Lately, I also have been having to relieve my waters, if you will, pretty much every 10 minutes...and today I found out why!! When she checked my cervix, she only went in about 3/4 of an inch til she shouted "Oh! There's the baby's head!!". So, little girl's head is very very low and the cervix is still up pretty high...
She dug in super deep to check my cervix, and so now I am massively bleeding and cramping. Yuck. It hurts.
So. That was my OB appointment update, for any of you that were lacking/wanting in the info area.
OK. That's all.
Love you all lots!


Super Daysh said...

Yay! People putting their hands up where they don't belong...sounds really fun to me....ya not so much. I'm sorry this is not the most fun thing for you...it will get better...someday. :)
Love you guys!

princess jen said...

Good luck with everything! I can't wait to hear/read the next update !

Sara & Company said...

I had never heard of the Red Raspberry tea...that is great to know! I'm glad everything is looking good for the most part. It was so fun to see you at your shower and I'm sorry we couldn't meet up better. I could just talk to you over the phone, which we can still do, but I think it is good to meet in person too. I actually think it would be a blast to come and do a tour at your place so maybe we can come before one of your breaks or just before you are off, do a tour, and then talk. Let me know if there is a day that works for you. Love ya, cutie!

Mythreesons said...

HI Bugs! I've commented. Happy now? Love you!