well....as an update...Grace is doing well. She is getting her tube out today, which will hopefully mean that we can hold her again. Alysia on the other hand is not doing so well :-( . She came down with a fever last night, and isn't feeling so wonderful.


AJ Finnegan said...

Oh, poor Alysia. Just when she can hold Gracey again! She'll be better soon, though. Then she can hold and kiss Gracey over and over again.

Hope you feel better right away, Alysia!


princess jen said...

Get better soon my dear!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Alysia. We are so sorry you are sick. It is going to be so very hard to not visit Grace until you are not contagious. I pray it is not a long or serious illness. I am sure you have got a little run down in the past few weeks. Your resistance is down. Hang on. WE love you,
Grandpa and Grandma Atkinson