Long Awaited Post #1

So...we are very behind in postings...so there will probably be quite a few today.
#1 of most importance is of course that I, Buggy finally got over my stinkin' fever and was able to go hold my baby! As it turns out, I got a breast infection called Mastitis and that causes fever and flu like symptoms. I had to get on some antibiotics to clear up the infection, but they're still "clogged" so to speak so I am still in a lot a lot of pain and hardly producing ANY MILK at all. But maybe its for the better seeing as how our freezer probably couldn't hold any more milk if it tried.
Back to the matter at hand of holding Grace, after holding her several times now, it has been determined by me, Buggy, that Grace likes her Daddy a lot better than her mommy. She's only happy with me holding her if she's on morphine. Little punk. Good thing she's so cute and I love her Daddy, otherwise I might be jealous.


Allie said...

Buggy i am glad to see you are doing better. Grace looks great as do you as always. Keep the pic. comming. I am loving them. Allison

Super Daysh said...

Yay! Finally a new blog! I'm glad you finally got to hold your little cutie. She is very cute!