here's some slightly sideways pictures...but she's still cute. We've had an alright day. Alan came and did some pictures for us, hopefully we'll have those up in a while for everyone to see.

When we came in this morning the doctor told us this would be our last day in the PICU. We were headed up to the floor! But...then...we're not...they came back about an hour later and told us that the cardiologists felt like it wasn't the best thing after all...so...still in the PICU. oh, well the one on one care is always good.
She continues to do well with the feedings. Not much else to report, she is doing well.


Joe said...

cute - already she's learning to poke her tongue out at pictures.

Y'know you can rotate pictures using Windows Picture Viewer.

ctl+K to rotate clockwise and clt+L counterclockwise, then hit save. I tell you this because... my neck hurts.

Allison said...

I found your blog through a long line of other blogs. Wanted to tell you that my son who is 7 months old also has HLHS. I read one of your older posts that mentioned a talk from President Monson...I totally appreciate that! We are Mormon too...small world huh? Anyway, I am praying for your little sweety.

Carl & Karen said...

Nice hat, Topher :>)

Mythreesons said...

I can't wait to see Alan's pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
We stopped in last night and looked at our darling little Gracie. She looked bigger and even cuter! I did not think that was possible! We could hardly find her because of all the toys.
She is so very precious. We love you all so much.

Gandma and Grandpa Atkinson

Sara & Company said...

As much as I'm sure it would be nice to have her progress enough to move, one on one attention is probably great...especially if she is borderline and doing as well as she is. She is just beautiful, you two...truly!

Gourley Family said...

Hey, love the new page layout! Where did you get such a cute layout!? Seriously, it is so cute. I am very computer illiterate to know how to change the layout or how to find cute layouts. She is so cute! I love the tongue sticking out! LOL!
The Gourleys

Sara & Company said...

So sweet....I love the new page!