like father like daughter...

Only Topher's daughter could possibly eat and sleep at the same time.
I just had to let you all know that her past two feeds...have been in her sleep. But she chugs them down none the less. Chugs them down and keeps sleeping.
She literally has been completely passed out since about 11:30 this morning!! And I even blew raspberries on her stomach to try and get her a little bit awake for her feed. But no...she just layed there...and stretched her arms above her head and kept sleeping. Talk about determination!
I honestly wouldn't have tried so hard to wake her, but they are going to continue the bottle feeds and NOT do the NG tube feeds IF and only if she can finish her bottle in about 30 minutes. So we really needed her to wake up and eat!!
Anyway...she's adorable...even when she is unresponsive and sleepy. :)
Please pray for the other little heart babies! So many of them need extra prayers and support. Please esp. pray for little Gracie and Kaidence! Gracie is going into the O.R. for some work on her incision. And Kaidence has had a hard time with some ridiculous Doctors who may have compromised her heart. :( Pray for all the little babies though. They all need love and prayers. Thanks!
love Alysia, Topher and Grace


Brynn said...

Hey there guys... I love to hear Grace can eat...What a champ, that is HUGE!!!! No tubes...WOW!!! Here are a few cheers for Her....

princess jen said...

Yay, I got to FINALLY hold sweet little Gracey!
Thanks again for coming to my party tonight! It was so much fun to hang out with you so much today.
Good luck on your final Topher!!!! And thank you for loving my little Aaron so much. You are a wonderful uncle.

Alan J said...

Thanks for letting us come!

Sara & Company said...

Silly Gracey! Doesn't she know that she needs to cooperate? My new babies always wanted to sleep way too long through when they should be eating too....and now I can't keep them asleep for the life of me. See...there is hope! Hee hee. I'm glad Topher and her can share some quality zzzzs together. Love you all!

Christi Ann said...

I am so proud her. She is doing such a good job. I miss you guys all terribly and I am glad that you are doing well. ALSO, I LOVE your new haircut. Looks awesome.
You guys are in our prayers always. Always thinking about you. :)

P.S. we are finally all moved out and set up. The house looks AWESOME. I will send picture soon.

Love you three.

Simmons Family: said...

HAPPY 1 MONTH BIRTHDAY!! And way to work down that bottle! I wish Owen would've eaten like that. You're one step closer to going home!! YEAH GRACEY!!

Owen's Mommy

Simmons Family: said...
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lizzieluvin said...

i can't believe she's a month old! i also can't believe how adorable she is! but of course, the offspring of alysia would be expected to be absolutely gorgeous. :)