Murphy's Law

Go figure that this afternoon Topher and I were talking about how lucky we felt that Grace was doing so remarkably well. I even said to him "doesn't it make you worry something bad is coming because she's doing so great?" Well, long story short, Topher and I spent the night here in Grace's new private room and were so excited to get to be here with her and feed her and put her to sleep and the works. But, Grace had something else in mind for us: the worst night ever!! I have never heard her cry so loud, for so long in her entire short little life!! She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep and constantly was screaming her little head off. I started to get really worried when 3 feeds had gone by now and she hadn't even finished half of any of them before she would start screaming like she was in pain. Topher and I tried rocking her, singing to her, swaddling her, changing her diaper, 3 different kinds of binkies and still nothing worked at all!! The only time she was calm was between 3:00 and 6:30 a.m. while I was holding her on my chest and rocking, but even then she wouldn't go to sleep and the HAD to have a binky replaced in her mouth every 15 seconds.
Anyways...it has honestly been an awful night. I haven't slept for even 30 minutes...Topher is also exhausted and little Grace is just having a rotten night.
I finally told the nurse that I knew something was not right and that I wanted her to have an x-ray done just to make sure the NEC wasn't coming back.
One of the Dr.s came in and decided to stop her feeds until after the x-ray results had come back positive. So, she had the x-ray, they just informed me it came back fine, so she just has a severe case of gas. :( They are giving her some drops that will hopefully relieve this and make her a little more up to eating.
Please pray that it really is just gas and that the meds they give her will help her feel better and be able to continue progressing with her feeds. She should've been up to 34cc each time by now, but because she hasn't been able to finish 3 feeds in a row she's still at 30. :( Topher gave her a Father's Blessing and I'm sure it helped, but she can still use all the prayers she can get.
Thanks everyone!
Love alysia, topher and grace


VAC Andersen Family said...

hang in there. We love you and are praying our guts out.

Anonymous said...

My twins were in the NICU for 2 months and I know when we went home we had to put a night light in their room and play some type of sound in their room when they were sleeping like white noise, music, etc. They get so use to the light and noise that they can't sleep when it's dark and quiet. I don't know what the room was like, but you could try those things and see if they help. Good luck!

Super Daysh said...

I'm sorry Bug. That stinks. What a rotten first night with her. But at least you were there to comfort her all night - better you than a nurse, right? She'll get better. No worries! We are still praying for you guys!

Ryan & Brytten Pettit said...

So happy for you guys to be on the 3rd floor. I'm sorry your night was so rough , it just gets you ready for home. After being home for almost a week we are barely getting on top of Teag's belly issues, he was very unhappy for awhile and last night was the first time he slept through the night. But it's all worth it, good luck, and we will pray for you!
lol- Pettit's

Sara & Company said...

I'm so sorry. Being new parents of new babies where everyone is trying to figure everything out is hard enough without having to worry about real and/or potential other problems of someone as special as sweet Grace. I am glad that you get to be there for her, as hard as it is sometimes, and know that she knows you and loves you and appreciates all that you do for her....just because she cries doesn't mean that you aren't wonderful parents. New babies just have to get their bodies and the world figured out. We love you!

Anonymous said...

Well, was it just gas? Mommy, you are tough. Make sure she is getting the best care possible. We pray so hard for that baby. I went to the Temple on Thursday and prayed for her and placed her name on the Temple roll.

We will be in Farmington tonight for Kalea's first birthday. See, miracles do happen. Last year at this time, her mommy was given a less than 5 % chance to live. Never, never give up faith.
Much Love
Grandma Atkinson