Pictures, Pictures and some more Pictures!

We finally uploaded all our pictures onto the computer. There are so many!! We have almost 2,000 pictures of her!!! Of course, many of these are so similar they could be the same picture because we would take 20 pictures within a minute, trying to catch her eyes open. But none the less, we have a lot pictures of her. So, we thought we would share some of the most recent ones.

Grace really likes to be bundled up nice and tight in her blankets, so this is our little caterpillar.

We really liked this picture of Topher and his mom adoring little Grace.

When she gets really feisty, she tries to pull her nasal tubes out, so her nurses accessorized her with some socks to keep those fingers from pulling on things.

We love her adorable little head band that our friend Christi from WA brought her. She looks so so cute in it. And we loved these pictures.

Topher started it. It's really really fun to make her little mouth talk to you. Like I said, Topher started it, but yes, I participated in the mean teasing of our daughter as well. She just looks so cute when she's telling you she loves you, (which is of course what she was saying!!)

She was on morphine for these. Trust me, she's not normally this cooperative. But we loved how wide awake and alert she was and are both absolutely in love with her little face.

We've come to decide that she has Alysia's nose, Topher's lips, possibly Alysia's eyes and face shape, Topher's chin and a LOT of Topher's mouth expressions.

This picture shows her chest really well. All the bandages have come off and she is healing really well. It is kind of weird when you notice the sutres coming out of her chest though. It's like she has fishing line stuck in there!

She loves being held by the way. So here she got to be held by her Uncle Alan. Alan might seem big and tough, but you could see that Grace easily melted his heart. :)

And here is her Daddy holding the love of his life, his little girl.


Super Daysh said...

These pictures are so cute! She really is a beautiful little girl.

princess jen said...

What a cute hubby I have! He loves loves loves little babies.