We just got a phone call from the hospital. Grace had blood in her stool today. This is of course worrisome so they did an X-ray of her stomach and found that her bowel wall is breaking down. Because of the normal bacteria that is in her bowels, they're worried an infection is starting and may spread to her blood stream. So, to begin with they have to stop feeding her, a huge setback considering she had just worked up to 8cc an hour of breast milk. They'll be putting her back on just vitamin/sugar water. Also, they're going to put her on an antibiotic to hopefully clean out the bacteria. Hopefully once the area is cleaned out she can start to get breast milk again. But, if it doesn't clear out as it is supposed to, they'll have to look at a surgery to cut away part of her bowels. This is not good news and is hard to hear after she had been doing so well.
Again we're reminded that things are simply not in our hands but in the Lord's. Please pray that she recovers quickly and that a surgery is not necessary. They're going to be doing an x-ray every 6 hours to keep up with if it is getting better or worse.
Pray that her little body repairs and that she can go back to feeding in 10 days once her antibiotics are done.
Thanks everyone.
the andersens


princess jen said...

Sweet Gracey...I hope you feel better soon!

AJ Finnegan said...

Oh, poor little thing! Our prayers will increase for her even more. As if her tiny body didn't already have enough deal with. She is a strong fighter though, and I have faith she'll beat this set back as well.

:) Amy

AJ Finnegan said...

So now I've read all your updates for today and seen all the the DARLING pictures!!

Setbacks are definitely expected, I'm sure, but I bet that doesn't make it any easier for you. I'm just so happy that Gracey has done so well for such a tiny girl. No wonder she's feisty, she's putting up with a poking and prodding from everyone :)

I can understand why she loves to be held and bundled up and talked to. It's so amazing that she has such loving parents, and an entire family and more who keep her constantly in their prayers.

We love you Grace!!


Anonymous said...

We are so very sorry that Gracey is having to deal with more. Thank you for the darling pictures.
We will pray even harder

We Love You,
Grandpa and Grandma Atkinson

Christina said...

Such cute photos! We will pray for your sweet little girl!


Anonymous said...

What Wonderful news! We are so glad to hear that the surgery has gone so well.


Kim just handed this to me. We are thinking and praying for little Grace and you and Topher. I just gave Oma a report, she sends her love aswell. By the way, Merle has a slight case of Epilepsy, but does not need meds and is fine now. You are always in our prayers. Keep in touch. Heads up, this too shall pass and she will be fine again soon. Grace is a feisty little fighter, she'll get through this. All our love, Sam and Mum

The Ridgway Family said...

Gracie is beautiful. I found your site from the Gledhill blog and we are in much the same situation with our little girl. Our little Eden has Down Syndrome and a hybrid of HLHS. They did not do the Norwood for her first surgery, rather corrected a large coarctation of the aorta and banded her pulmonary artery. However, she has had every imaginable infection and set back possible following OHS. Our little Eden is just finishing her 10 days of antibiotics for a gut infection. It surely was not optimal to get her of NG feeds, but thankfully it did not require another surgery. She has had too many for our liking already. They also had to go back in on her and loosen her PA band. I know that these little babies are so strong nad the Lord is watching over them. We live in Mesa, AZ and are also LDS. I know that angels are watching over our little ones and may the Lord bless Gracey!
Keisa Ridgway

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this news! We appreciate all the updates and are continuing to lift Gracie up in prayer! God's blessings & strength to you both as you walk through this trial.

All our love and prayers!
G'pa Chuck & Donna

Sara & Company said...

Sweet girl....I loved all of the pictures and updates and am still sending our prayers and love. What a true angel you have.

Gourley Family said...

My son Ryker had a tear in his stomach, and blood was coming out from both directions. They ended up having to do surgery, and after, Ryker was supposed to be pretty sick. We even found out that the doctor did not think she was going to come back and find him alive. He did awesome after surgery. It just goes to show there is more to these kids then just their bodies, there is their spirits and their spirits are so strong. We will keep you guys in our prayers!
Emily and Mike Gourley

Mythreesons said...

Little bug, you sounded so down this morning. We're still thinking of you and I have so many friends writing and telling me that they're praying for you guys. With her "buggy" temperament, she's gonna be just fine;) You can't blame her for the temper tantrums, though. I'm sure she keeps wondering where this food is that is supposed to be so great on Earth! We love you guys and pray for you always!

Andrew and Marti Enke said...

Thinking of and praying for Grace every second and hoping to see her amazing parents and her soon!

Our Love,
Marti and Andrew

AJ Finnegan said...

Sorry to be nosy and impatient, but is Gracey's tummy showing any improvement yet?

I can only imagine how frustrating this is, to have her doing so well, then to have such a setback. I've read about that over and over again on all these other heart blogs and really can't figure out how you good, good parents get through it.

I totally understand how it would be so hard on you to watch Grace struggle with the pain, and the hunger, and the inability to understand what's happening to her.

Know this, though, when she is finally through with all this, Grace will remember your love and cuddling much better than she'll remember her frustration and pain. Kids are so resiliant that way, thank heaven!

We are praying so hard for her! And praying for you both as well :)

Much love,