The many faces and expressions of Grace...

Yay!! No nasal cannula! She came off oxygen for a total of 8 hours...and then had to go back on. But that's ok. We'll do things at her pace and then hopefully she'll stay healthy and happy. But we definitely got some cute pictures during those 8 hours! She is so so beautiful and sweet. She did throw one temper tantrum while we visited her yesterday, but I got to do what mommies do best! I held and rocked her, and then I sang her to sleep. Topher said I had the magic mommy touch and asked me to start singing every time she started to squirm. I felt needed! It was so wonderful to feel like she actually needed me. Hopefully I'll get to have that feeling a lot more in the future, cuz it feels good!

She says "whatchu lookin at foo?" Of course, she got this attitude from her Uncle Alan and Aunt Dacia...fo sho
This picture series made me and Topher laugh so so hard. This was her when she couldn't decide if she was angry or not....she decided she was angry. very very angry.

So funny because she was looking at Topher for these pictures and her expression is completely like she is scared/worried. Topher must have a face that worries her a little. Or scares her...or both.

She looks like she's blowing bubbles in this one. Which, at the time, she was...along with drooling. But it looks like we maybe caught it sort of on camera!

Here's me holding her...and she's not even on morphine!! I actually sang to her until she calmed down and fell asleep.

We put her in her outfit from Auntie Em. She wore it for a whole day before she peed through it. :) Isn't she precious with her little bow and sweet face!!?

Aunt Dacia finally came to see her after almost 2 weeks of not visiting! Grace very much liked being held by her Aunt, but as soon as Grace fussed even a little "here, you take her, I don't want to make her sad!!" Daysh immediately tried to hand her back to me.

This is our very angry catepillar. It was actually really sad because we had been holding her and Topher got her to sleep. Then we decided we needed to head home, so we put her back on her little stand. As soon as we turned to leave, she started fussing and then started screaming her little head off. So we came back to calm her down. But it was definitely heart breaking to have her cry when we left...whether that was what started the crying or not, it was definitely much harder to leave.
But anyway...that's about all for now. Just wanted to post some pictures of my cutie. I'm actually up at the hospital right now and would be holding her but she is sleeping so so soundly I don't dare pick her up. She looks beautiful and peaceful and I am so crazy about her!
Topher has called me and has safely arrived in Charleston. He says the weather is beautiful, everything is green and there aren't any mountains! Although I'd miss the mountains, I definitely think I could like the rest. I'm getting more and more excited for when Topher and I get to live there in a couple years.
Thanks for reading and thanks for your prayers and support! Please keep them coming!! I want little Grace to do everything at her own little pace, but prayers to help things along are always appreciated!
Love the Andersens


AJ Finnegan said...

Those pics of Grace have made my day!! I'd say I was just as in love with her as you are, but I know that would be impossible :)

It's so sweet to hear you talk about her, Alysia - the tender feelings of a new mother. It's just so amazing how quickly, and unconditionally, you can love a baby.

Keep the updates coming when you can. Little Grace inspires me :)

Carl & Karen said...

We love that you post so many pictuers of Gracey--this latest batch is priceless! Thank goodness she was born in the age of digital photography!! Thanks for being so good about keeping your blog current--we check it at least 10 times a day. Love you--
K,D and R

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh!!

What an adorable great grand-daughter we have.

She looks like both of you. She also looks like a healthy newborn if we did not know the truth.

We are happy that Toph is excited about the Navy. We are also happy to see you holding up so well with him being gone.

We have not been down since Easter because we have both had bad colds.
We will wait until we are all well.

We love you and pray for you

Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson

princess jen said...

Yay for all the great pictures. I'm glad that Dacia could come see you and Grace. I'm excited that Toph is enjoying SC. It is beautiful....and warm there.

Mythreesons said...

Hmmm... I conveniently forgot that this job opportunity would entail you guys moving very far away... I don't like that one bit although I do hope he gets the job. Just commute, though, OK?
And those pictures are beautiful! I love love love that you posted so many cute faces of little Gracey... a moody little thing, just like her mommy!
She's absolutely beautiful and I'm glad you've gotten to finally spend some "quality" time with her. I hope you're not too lonely without Topher... I promise to call you tomorrow. I love you guys!

Super Daysh said...

She LOVES her auntie Daysh!! tee hee hee. I'm glad I finally got to hold her a few days ago and again yesterday. She is such a cutie. I love her already!!

Alan J said...

What a bunch of cute pics! Thanks. We're hoping to get out there on Fri. or Sat. some time. Feel free to come hang out with us if you get too lonely.

Andrew and Marti Enke said...

I LOVE these pictures they are wonderful!

Andrew and Marti Enke said...

I LOVE these pictures they are wonderful!

Sara & Company said...

She is just beautiful....and you are a WONDERFUL mommy. I know with all of my heart that your sweet little grace knew you before she came and knows you so much now and she feels of your unbelievable love. Those faces are just priceless! Love it!

Misty Sanchez said...

hi this is jose. i just want to tell you guys how much i love you!,and i apologize for no came down to vicit you in the hospital.I hope i can came soon. I was watching you pictures gracy is so cute, She's so beautiful,i am so happy for you gays, and i aplogize if this is not written correctly. I love you guys misty and i are still praying for gracy and you guys.

WheresMyAngels said...

What a beautiful child! Loved seeing so many pictures of her!

Many prayers for her and your family!

Anonymous said...

her lips are sooooooo cute! ;) you guys did a great job.


Austin said...


rosalie said...

Grace looks so adorable! We are so happy she is doing well! The parents look wonderful too!! Lots of love. Pres. and Sis. Ringwood