Spoke too soon...

Well, yesterday they tried for the 4th day in a row to take her off oxygen, and it was successful!! or so we thought...She was off the oxygen from about noon until about 8:00p.m. at which point her sats went just a teeny bit lower than they wanted and so they put her back on. She is on the lowest setting there is, I think its .01 mL which is hardly anything! But that teeny dose seems to keep her sats exactly where they need to be. I'm glad Topher and I got to be with her for a good couple of hours with her oxygen cannula out and we got some cute pictures of her sweet face. It's a bummer she's back on oxygen, but, she's got lots of time to build up her strength and come off again. She seems to get a little stronger every day. Also, the antibiotics seem to be working because she has been much less irritable the past couple days. That's not to say she doesn't still cry and throw her mini temper tantrums, but they're much fewer and far between. She is a beauty and we love her so much.
On a different note, Topher left for S. Carolina today. :( He was flown out there V.I.P. style for a program with the Navy. We've been looking at the program for some time now and everything is starting to fall into place. This trip is going to be taking him on a tour of the facilities he would be working and teaching at, so cross your fingers that he enjoys himself and that all goes well. This program would be a life saver in many ways for us!
Also, cross your fingers that I stop crying about missing him so much already!! It's only 2 1/2 days and I'm already depressed!!
Thanks for all your prayers and support. We really appreciate them.
the andersens
p.s. as soon as Photoshop lets me edit my pictures, I will post some!


Alan J said...

Uh, thanks for telling us Topher was going out of town. Geesh!

Mythreesons said...

I'm sorry you're all alone... hopefully Alan and Daysh and Dad will have you for dinner... I mean over for dinner. And that's a bummer with the oxygen but I remember the same thing happening with Caden and realized that it was OK that he was on Oxygen... more time was good for him and it was OK to let him take some extra time with it. But I'm excited to see your pictures... I love seeing pictures of little Gracey! Hang in there Bugs!

AJ Finnegan said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, Buggy!!

I'm so excited about Toph's big opportunity with the Navy. When Venice told me about it I coudln't help but think that the Lord had very much had a hand in providing such a perfect opportunity for you guys. I really hope and pray that it all works out.

I know it's hard to have your hubby gone! But it sure makes you realize how very much you love him, and how important he is in your life :) With so much to deal with right now, though, I'm sure you feel even more lonely though than you would at another time.

We're praying for all three of you. I'm really happy that Grace is improving so much. Go, go Gracey :)

A new heart will come her way when it's the right time, I just know it.


Simmons Family: said...

I just caught up on your blog and it sounds like Gracey is doing okay. I hope her tummy issues resolve soon with the anitbiotics and that her body will be strong enough to get rid of the oxygen forever. It's good to hear she's on such a low volume.Gracey is adorable and I pray that her heart comes soon :).

Owen's Mommy

Andrew and Marti Enke said...

Alysia!! I want to visit you (and Grace) sometime soon. Maybe on Saturday??? I dont' know what's best in terms of timing for you. I will give you a call so we can plan something. I am anxious to see both you an Grace's beautiful faces;-) Hang in there-lot's of angles are watching over all of you-I just know it!