As a quick note and update.

There has been no big change in Grace's intestinal problem. They are now x-raying her stomach every 12 hours instead of every 6, so they seem a little less concerned about further infection or spreading of the infection. We just wait and watch now and hopefully it will clear up with out further intervention.
Grace also started a new medication yesterday because her heart function seemed to be slipping a little (haven't heard details from the cardiologist yet). The medication makes her heart squeeze a little harder and her vessels dilate slightly so that her blood moves more easily through her little body.
She also had a bit of an abnormal heart rhythm last night, but the nurse said that it was probably just a nutrition problem and would be resolved with a slight change in her IVs.
No other big news... thanks everyone for your prayers!


AJ Finnegan said...

Wow, lots for her tiny body to be dealing with. I'm sure the new med will do the trick with her heart :)

And we'll continue to pray that she'll stay strong and that her tummy will heal up perfectly.

Amy :)

Anonymous said...

The Lord has her in His arms!
"The Lord is our strength"!!

We have you all in our prayers!!


G'pa Chuck & Donna

princess jen said...

Thanks for the update Bug and Toph. We love you!

Lauren K said...

Ali give Gracie a kiss from me okay? I know I can't claim any relation, but she just has one of those faces that I would definitely have to kiss if I saw her in person.

You and Topher continue to blow me away with your faith and strength, I love you guys so much and I'm so lucky to know you!!!

Hang in there :)

Mythreesons said...

I'm so excited she's off the oxygen!! Yipee! And I'm glad there's no more bad news on the infections front... we'll keep praying. I love you guys!

Sara & Company said...

Adri had nasty eye infections the first couple of weeks after she was born and it was horrible...and it is nothing compared to sweet Gracie. I can't imagine how hard all of this is for you both, and yet you have blown me away finding all of the good and positives from this experience. I'm sad that she can't come home with you yet, but it is so nice to know that she is in the hands of people who care so much about her and can help her. What a blessing. Still sending my love and prayers.