Good Sunday

I realize I haven't posted in almost a week! (Amy, sorry, I'm probably killing you! ;) ) But I was just so excited when Topher finally came home, that I've been a little side tracked. His trip to S. Carolina did go really well by the way. Let's just pray that everything continues to fall in place for that opportunity. It really would solve so many problems and relieve a lot of worries if we could get into the program. So cross your fingers and pray for us that all goes well in that area!
The Sunday after Topher got home, we went up to the hospital and had about an hour and a half with Grace and she was absolutely adorable; awake, alert, making faces, and most of all, not screaming! It was a lot of fun to spend that time with her.
After about an hour and a half, Toph's family came up to see her and we decided to surprise his siblings by letting them hold her. Maybe not a huge deal to some of you, but I think they were pretty excited. And little Grace behaved beautifully the whole time! No temper tantrums!
Anni came in first, because we had heard that she was kind of the most eager to hold her new neice. They seemed to have some pretty good bonding time. :) Then came Austin, and Meg, and last but not least, Grandpa Andersen. Although he's held Grace before, we'd never been there to see it. My oh my, does Grace adore her Grandpa. She woke up and just stared at him almost the whole time he held her. She was mesmerized by him!

During our visit, Topher had held her, and both of them were quite sleepy. I was talking to the nurse, and kind of forgot about the two of them for a minute, and when I looked back at them a minute or two later, this is what I found...
Like Father like daughter I guess!

The rest of these pictures were just our visit with Grace. She looked too cute for us to not post them and let you see how adorable she is! She has gained a pound since she was born...which is quite amazing to me seeing as how she's being starved! But even with that extra pound she still seems teeny to hold.
She absolutely LOVES her binky. And Topher LOVES putting it in her mouth, even when she's not crying for it. *sigh* But it is good practice for her, and man oh man can she go to town on that thing. She's even learned how to hold it in all by her self.

While we were there Topher read her a story, and this was the first time he's read to her while she was wide awake. She was actually looking at the pictures and then looking at Topher. It was really cute. She would make little faces at him and it was very fun to watch.

I of course held her as well. And although I don't like when other people kiss her so much...I'm her mommy...so I decided I can kiss her as much as I want. hypocritical I know...but I can't help it.

We just thought these faces were too cute to pass up...

As for how Grace is doing...not much has changed. Today she is on her last day of Antibiotics, so they will start feeding her tomorrow, (Wednesday). She is definitely hungry, and also seems to have a natural instinct for nursing. Anytime Topher or I hold her, she turns toward us and starts shaking her head all over like she's trying to find something!! Topher informed her she wouldn't get much outta him. lol. He's a funny boy. Other than her being fed tomorrow, not much else exciting is happening.
They did however find a lump on her arm...? They're not sure what it is...whether its an infection, a leak of an i.v. or a bruise...They've had the I.V. team come look at it, they've done an ultrasound of it, and the Infectious Disease team came and looked at it...so far, everyone's been stumped.
So, pray that its NOT an infection! Because if it is, they'll have to cut it open and drain out the infection. And i REALLY don't like the idea of people cutting into her!!
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We really appreciate everyone's words of comfort and prayers in our behalf. Grace is definitely deserving of them!! And I know that they're helping her get a little bit stronger every day. Thanks again!
Love the Andersens


Simmons Family: said...

Grace's faces are adorable!! Sounds like she's making apeedy recovery and wants to GO HOME!! I love the pic of Grace and her daddy sleeping.

Owen's Mommy

Mythreesons said...

Finally! All the other heart babies update regularly! And then there's my sister who makes me wait and wait, and wait... I'm so glad she seems to be doing well and that she'll finally get some food again tomorrow! And I love the picture of her and Topher... so funny. Things sound pretty good and keep us updated on the spot on her arm... it sounds a bit perplexing. She's looking so good and so are you! You look amazing, bug... I never ever looked that good 3 weeks after my baby was born. I'm glad Topher is home now!

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
We are ss happy Toph enjoyed his trip to "Navy Land" We are praying this will work out. The pictures are so very cute. She looks like such a little sweetheart.
We love you all so much

Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
We are so happy Toph enjoyed his trip to "Navy Land" We are praying this will work out. The pictures are so very cute. She looks like such a little sweetheart.
We love you all so much

Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson

princess jen said...

What cute pictures of the Gracey girl! I'm glad that Toph's family could visit, they're so cute with her. She is loved by so many people. I'm sorry to hear about the bump on her arm though!

Bev said...

I kept telling my self no news is good news. I was right yippy!! We pray for all you guys.You are great examples for us. Keep posting! And give Grace hugs and kisses for me. That picture of Topher and Grace sleeping is just priceless.

Sara & Company said...

And I thought she looked good in pink! Green definitely suits her. And that darling yellow bow. She is just so so darling! How long has she not been able to eat? Since they found the infection in her stomach? Yikes...I hope not. I'd be starving too. She will be a happy girl tomorrow. Hopefully there will be no more complications with that. Love you all!

Gourley Family said...

Oh she is soo cute! That is awesome that the aunts and uncles were able to hold her. Ryker sadly was held by his aunts and uncles and grandparents after his sweet spirit had left his mortal body, so to me it is a HUGE deal to have her held by her aunts and uncles and Grandparents. We are coming up the 29th of this month to meet with the geneticist at Primary's. I would love to be able to meet you guys or just buy you guys lunch! Let me know if this works!That picture with Topher and Grace is so stinkin' cute!
Mike and Emily

Linda said...

Buggy -
Just wanted to know that I was thinking of you... I had no idea of Grace's condition - I have a friend with a baby in the same condition, and though the first few weeks (read: months) were difficult, he's doing really well and walking now!

Hope all is well - you'll be in my prayers!!!

AJ Finnegan said...

Okay, who's laughing at crazy Auntie Amy behind my back, huh?!! Haha! Was that honorable mention for me, or ANOTHER crazy person who gets hysterical when you don't post at least every hour?!

Ahh, I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for Gracey. I adore her with all my heart. And I am leaving tomorrow morning for 9 days so this post came at the perfect time!!

Yay pictures!! I could look at a billion of them and never tire of her sweet face :)

I'll be praying every day and night for Grace while I'm gone, and I hope that the mystery of the lump in her arm will quickly be solved. I have faith that when a perfect little heart is available, that it will quickly find it's way to Grace.

Know my thoughts and prayers (crazy and frequent as they are) will be with you all.


Super Daysh said...

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are too cute for words! What a cutie she is, despite her parents. ;) She is such a beautiful little girl and is getting cuter by the day. Those faces are too cute for words, especially the one where she's looking at Topher with mouth wide open and curious.Too cute!! Can't wait to come see her again!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well, Bug. Just keep loving her as only you know how to do (well, I'm sure Topher knows how to as well, but mommys are especially good at it) and I'm confident she'll be watching ball games in no time. Or whatever else you guys want to go do....
Prayers are always headed your way!


The Bear Cave said...

I have only started to read your blog and I was wondering is it better that Grace stays in the hospital or can you even bring her home. Our prayers are with her and you and your lovely hubby. Keep up the goood work and the pictures of your little family are beautiful.

Sarah said...

My name is Sarah, Austin's friend...he's told me all about Grace, and gave me the url to your blog. She is SO beautiful, and congratulations! I hope everything continues to go well! :)