Post #2 Grace Woos her Grandmas...(er, Grandma and Oma)

After I held my little one, I decided that maybe I could share. Since my mom has been so wonderful and had been staying with me for a whole week she was up with me at the hospital when I got to hold Grace again. Once I had held her for probably a good hour, I figured maybe her Oma would like to do the same. I asked Mom if she'd like to hold her grand daughter and of course she was her polite, modest self, "No, no, that's ok, you need to hold her. You hold her". To which I responded "I know you want to hold her just hold her dang it". Lol. So she was convinced.

The next day, Venice came and was NOT as secretive of her desire to hold the baby. Lol. She knew exactly what she was there at the hospital for and wanted to hold her grand daughter darn it. Just kidding, :-). But she definitely knew without a doubt that she wanted to hold her grand daughter, no convincing necessary.

And of course, Grace swept both her Oma and her Grandma off their feet. They're both smitten with her. But then again, who isn't. hehe jk. sort of.

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of the Grandma's with their granddaughter. It makes me smile to see them.