Food! Glorious Food!

Yes! Finally!! She is getting some food into her little belly again. After she developed NEC (the infection she had) they had to stop feeding her. She was administered an antibiotic and they said we wouldn't be able to start feeds again until 10 days later. Since it is a hospital and no hospital would be complete without it, we were told numerous times that she'd be fed before the 10 days were up, and we of course got our hopes up, and then of course, because its a hospital, they changed their mind and said, "just kidding, we're going to wait the LONGEST amount of time possible...". This is of course frustrating, but the 10 days are over now and she is finally getting some food. They're feeding her painfully slowly, but that's to make sure that she doesn't develop NEC again. Yesterday she got 1 cc an hour for the whole day, (That is 1/5 of a tsp!!!!). And today she'll start getting 2cc an hour. If she does well, they'll start bumping it up 1cc every 8-12 hrs. (Most likely 12...because they can :( ) Either way, I am just so so grateful that she is finally getting food. And the best part is that it is no longer being administered through an NJ tube like it was the first time. It's actually an NG tube this time!! So she can finally have the sensation of food in her tummy!!! That is such a relief, and lucky for her, her stomach is teeny...so maybe 2/5 of a tsp. does something for her. ;) She seems to be very content and happy. She also has been very alert as of late. She makes faces and smiles mostly when she's sleeping. But she truly is such a joy to be around. I try not to be at the hospital longer than about 3 hours each day, otherwise it drains me, but yesterday she was so adorable I was there for almost 7. *sigh* She already has her Daddy and me wrapped around her finger.

These are some pictures that I had meant to post when Topher got home last weekend. But, I never got around to it. She is wearing a little outfit that says "My Favorite Things" and then in little check boxes, it says "Daddy", "Hugs", "Kisses". Her Daddy truly is one of her favorite things ever.
Anyway...Please please please pray that she tolerates these feeds well. If she were to develop any signs of NEC again we would most likely be in the hospital for another month and a half to two months. So please pray that they go well and that she can digest them and keep them down! Thank you so much for your continued love, prayers, and support. We need them more than you know and appreciate them even more!
Love Alysia, Topher and Grace

p.s. Today is Grace's 1 Month Birthday...so I'll post some pics later today. :)


Mythreesons said...

She looks so good in purple! Those pictures are so cute and she looks so adorable! I'm so so glad she's getting food again and we'll be praying especially hard that she tolerates it. I can't believe she's a month old today and finally getting the sensation of food in her belly! Happy one month birthday Gracey! We love you guys!

Thoughtful Runner said...

Gee....and to think I just (quickly) devoured a whole pound of delicioius pork chop stew!! (And that was after taking care of grapes, an orange, and pistachios.)
Perhaps we are ALL learning some gratitude from this experience - (but I'm still going to take care of my cookies here in a few minutes!)
Actually, the news that food has been reintroduced was great - and she will certainly continue to be in our prayers. And I must confess - I was also pretty stricken with her when I was up there on Tuesday. For almost the first time with me, she was alert, awake and even looking at me much of the time - and she truly is adorable. Hang in there, Grace!

Andrew and Marti Enke said...

YAY! This is wonderful news. It was such a joy to meet grace early this week-she is so beautiful!


Sara & Company said...

I can't believe how starving she probably was...I'm sure any little bit is just fabulous!!! Yum! I'm so happy things are going well.

Sara & Company said...

oh...and she truly is gorgeous! Her eyes are so beautiful and she just radiates. Happy One Month Birthday, Grace!