Guess Where WE are?!!!

No...not home...but, they did move us to the floor!! Yes, we are now on the 3rd floor in our own big room. It has a couch to fold into a bed, a bathroom with a shower, TV, DVD Player, VCR, big comfy chair to sit in...we can have food in here, we can have our phones on. Its so wonderful!! But, of course, there also isn't a one on one nurse...we are soon going to become her one on one nurses! Crazy, I know.
But this is definitely a very big step for Grace and we are so happy and proud of her! She also is doing wonderfully with her feeds. At first they were only increasing them 1cc a day, then it was 2cc a day, now its 2cc 4x a day. This is great news and she is handling all her feeds really well.
Not to count our chickens before they hatch...but, they did say she should be up to full feeds in about 3 days, after which she would only stay here another day or two and then we would be home bound!
Its so scary to think of actually taking her home!! But also so exciting. I can't wait to be with my little girl for the full 24 hours in each day rather than just a couple hours a day. Topher and I absolutely adore her and are so excited to devote 24-7 to her. :)
Well, I forgot the camera at home, so Topher and I are going to make a stop at home to get clothes, food, camera and such, and then we're going to sleep here the next couple days. I'll also post a blog of her new tube-free face!! She doesn't have a feeding tube in anymore, and she got off her oxygen two days ago as well. So no tubes up the nose anymore!! She does still have her PICC line in to give her all her meds, but no more tubes covering her pretty face.
Please continue to pray for her that she'll continue to progress with her feeds and that no infection will start. We have come such a long way in such a short time and feel so blessed that little Grace is doing so well. Thank you all for your prayers and continued support, they are working miracles every day!
Love Alysia, Topher and Grace.


The Andersens said...

YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!! I'm so excited for you and little Grace!! It will be any day now that we can visit her at home instead of at the icky hospital with all he weird hospital smells and beeps. I'm so excited! Go Grace! She is a tough little cookie!! We will keep her in our prayers and hope that she will continue to progress! Good news! Oh, and cute new blog...whoever did that for you, rocks!

Super Daysh said...

whoops...I accidentally was still logged into your account when I posted that last comment...it was supposed to be from me...whoops!

Amy A. said...

Hi Alicia, my name is Amy and I work out yonder where your Dad works. When you had little Gracie I heard about your blog. I am so happy to see her doing so good, she is a DOLL!!! You guys have been thru a lot and you both stay so strong and she is the strongest. You guys have tons of people thinking about little Grace. Make sure they bring you guys good food now that you are in a private room :-)

Allison said...

No tubes on the face...isn't that the best! Sounds like she has made a lot of progress! So great to hear!

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE YI-EAH!!! Great news!!
Thanks for keeping us posted, we really appreciate all of the news!

The Lord is AWESOME! We are keeping her in our prayers! Enjoy your "sleepovers" with her! :-)

All our love and hugs to you ALL!
G'Pa Chuck and Donna

Allie said...

Hey guys that is so great I didn't think it would happen that quick. She is doing so great. I was by your desk yeasterday at work and they have the cutest pictures of Grace up. But like her mom she will always take cute picture even with sad faces. I hope everything keeps going great for you. And since Amy isnt back yet I thought i better write something in her behalf too, yeah yeah go Gracie.
Love you guys and I better sign Aunt Allie ( looks like we have another Allison) Ps If the other Allison reads this I too have a daughter named Callie spelled the same way.Small world.

Allie said...

Also I forgot to say her new blog is really cute, Just like Grace.


kristen said...

That is such great news! We're so excited that Gracie is doing so well! We pray for you guys everyday and will continue to do so. She is so sweet! We can't wait to meet her one of these days. We love you guys!
the Atkinson's

princess jen said...

It's about time the new background was posted ;) I really like the header! I'm glad that my family could come and see you. Maybe I'll get to come over soon too!