Miss Poopy Pants

Yesterday morning I called the Hospital and spoke to the nurse taking care of Grace. I told her that I realized the nurses didn't offer a lot of things to me, and so I knew I needed to be nosy, therefore, I took it upon myself to request permission to bring a little outfit and dress my little baby. The nurse paused for a minute or two and then said that she couldn't immediately think of any reason why not. "Good!!", I said. I immediately got to work washing her cutest outfits and then had the major dilemma of choosing my favorite. Don't ask me why, but for some reason, I thought one outfit would be enough. So I got to the hospital, to find that as usual Grace was being a handful (in case you haven't heard, she is uber feisty and almost always throwing temper tantrums unless she's on morphine). I proceeded to try and calm her down and then I changed her diaper. For the SECOND TIME, she tried to poop on me while I changed her. Stinker. Afterwards, I went to work putting her little outfit on her. She looked adorable!! I even did her hair and put a cute pink bow in that matched her outfit.

I picked her up and settled into the rocking chair, talking and singing to her, only to soon realize that she was filling her pants. She was tooting up a storm in there!!! Then I felt it, the blanket was wet too. I lifted her up, and she had pooped through her brand new outfit!! I changed her diaper AGAIN, only to see that no poop made it into the diaper, it all got on her outfit instead!!

Later that night, Topher and I went back to see her together. Topher held her for a while, and then I held her. Topher handed her to me and about 10 minutes later I felt that the blanket was really damp. I wondered if maybe she was really sweaty or something, and then I smelt that no, it wasn't sweat. She had peed on me. What a little stinker!!

So, she has no tried to poop on me twice, pooped through her cute clothes once, and peed on me once!! I think she's trying to tell me something!!

On top of that, the nurses say that she pees or poops through her sheets at least once a day every day.

It's a good thing that they need her to be going to the bathroom alot and so its taken as good news that she's so active, otherwise I might be a little put



princess jen said...

Welcome to motherhood! Another "rite of initiation" is getting urinated and deficated upon. I'm still jealous of Alan. I guess I'll have to get up to PCMC again soon for my turn!

The Andersens said...

yes indeed you will. you need to hold her too!

Super Daysh said...

Ha ha!! She pooped on you, twice! That is too funny.

Gourley Family said...

That is soo funny! Ryker was only happy on morphine too. When they tried to wean him off, that was when he earned his name pissy-pants! I am glad that she is doing so well pooping, I am just sorry that you had to be the target! LOL! That will be one of the embarrassing stories you will be able to share with her boyfriends some day!