This is Megan. Please pray for her!! Thanks everyone!


aj said...

Ah, sweet girl, she's already gone through SO much!! I can only imagine the ache of her parents as well.

Toph's parents might tell you this, but our cousin also had cancer when he was young (8 if I remember right) and 5 or so years later, he was diagnosed with serious heart problems as well. His parents just told me last night that it is a result of his cancer treatments.

It's so hard to think that such side affects can happen from life saving measures, but also comforting that there is still a miracle that can happen for Megan. Yes, we will be praying that she may get a new heart as well!

Gourley Family said...

We will pray for her. What an amazing girl-so strong. Please let her family know we are praying for her and that she is such a hero to us.
Heart hugs,