Confined Sleeping Quarters...

Well...Topher and I have had some interesting sleeping arrangements...we both were in our own rocking chair...with our bodies contorted quite uncomfortably...resting heads on each other's legs...leg's on each other's tummies...putting bums on chairs and feet on another chair and heads on a lap...however...i feel like I slept quite comfortably for about 3 hours.  :)  and I have woken up to my baby getting a alcohol/antiseptic kind of bath and screaming her head off for the whole PICU to hear!!! lol.  I think her nurses were under the perspective that she was going to be a sickly little thing...not so!!! She has the strongest lungs you could possibly imagine. :)

We have met with the anesthesiologist...around 1 a.m....we have also spoken with Dr.  Kouretas who will be her surgeon, we love him, so thats great, however...at this hospital...you can't really go wrong!  
They have estimated 5:30 as when she will get taken back to the O.R.  But...we shall see!! I sure hope it's not much later than that...because she hasn't eaten since midnight!!!
Thanks again for all your prayers, love and support.  Please keep the prayers coming!! 
We went over more information last night and it is definitely going to be a long, stressful and rough next year.   It was overwhelming to the point I was shaking and near tears....but it is the only way that Grace has another shot at a full life!! And a full life is what Topher and I feel she will be blessed with. Topher and my Dad gave her a blessing around 12:30 a.m. this morning/last night....and those were the exact words Topher uttered.  I can't wait to enjoy a full and long life with her...and if that means a challenging first year to get 15 after that, than so be it!!
Thanks again!  We'll update again when we know more!
love Buggy, Topher and Gracey

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aj said...

Wow . . . I can just see you guys all cuddled up nicely, and then Grace being bathed in icky stuff and screaming her cute little face off to wake you :)

Scream, Grace, scream . . . show us all that fighting power you've got, sweetie :)