They've told us that Grace is now on bypass, and they are removing the stent that has been in her ductus.  It took about an hour and a half just to get all the lines in, and put her under anesthesia, and then another hour and a half before she was on the heart/lung bypass machine.  They just came again and mentioned the stent removal.  It will still be quite a few hours...they still need to reconstruct her arch and pulmonary arteries before they can put in the new heart.

We are hangin' in there.  We ate some breakfast, tried to catch a few zzzs and I made a special order for Karen's blueberry muffins...so we're good. :)
We will try to keep you all updated as we hear more news.  Sorry to keep you on your toes, but the news is definitely coming slow...so...I guess we'll all be on our toes for another couple hours. 
Thanks again for all your prayers and support.  They have helped more than you can know to get us to the place we are today and to have the peace of mind we have had since yesterday.  
Thank you thank you!
Love the Andersens


aj said...

wow .... lots to take in for you.

Hugs :)

Andrew and Marti Enke said...

Grace is a miracle! Thinking of you every second!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there little Gracie and brilliant but very tired surgeon!
Toph and Buggy: Hold on to each other until you may hold your feisty little woman again. It is so comforting to know what a strong spirit and otherwise healthy body she has. Especially well developed LUNGS.

Love and prayers,
GRandma Atkinson

princess jen said...

I'm glad that it's all good news so far! Love you SO MUCH!!

Mythreesons said...

I'm dressed, showered, beautified, have sweaters and blue berry muffins, and should be headed up there in the next 30 minutes. We're praying and thinking of you guys. Love you all!

Canadaland said...

Hey guys....Good luck with everything today. It was great to see your sweet family on Sunday. Your sweet angel is beautiful! My thoughts and prayers are with you today. Love you guys.

Liz said...

Everything sounds good so far! We're praying for you and for the surgeons for sure.

Our Family said...

I'm in meetings all day with the school staff, but I'm checking in whenever I can. Hang in there. It will ALWAYS take hours longer than they say.