Another update!

The IV team just came in to draw blood for some labs that she has to have.  They also finally let Grace have a little pedialyte.  The doctors haven't let her have anything to eat for the last five hours, and grace was very, very, very upset!!!

Right now they are just trying to get an IV in and Grace is once again super mad.
The news right now is that the surgery will probably not happen before 4a.m.!! So...we've got quite a wait ahead of us.  So...please...everyone...try to get some sleep!!! We won't be posting anything urgent until at least 4!! ;)
At this time, we ask that you pray for her lots, that she will be strong and as comfortable as is possible.  She is bound to be hungry, grumpy and tired for the next 7 or so hours...so pray that she will be as happy and comfortable as she can be.  
Please also pray for the family that is making this enormous sacrifice for our little Gracey.  That has always been the most difficult thing for me through this whole process...knowing that some little family lost their angel so that Gracey can live a more full life.  It breaks my heart to think of any one losing their little one, but my heart couldn't possibly be more full of appreciation and gratitude for the family that felt prompted to do this for us.  I pray that they feel all the comfort in the world and that they might be comforted in some way to know the miracle their baby has given to us.
Thank you for your prayers and support! We love you all!!
Now go get some sleep!! (hint hint amy...;) )
love Alysia, Topher and Grace/Gracey/Gracey-Lou/Gracelynn/Princess Scowls-alot


aj said...

Hint, hint whooo??? I'm impressed you have such wit in your current circumstances, but yes, I will go to sleep and set my alarm for 4-ish :)

I just re-watched the episode of Hopkins where the little boy gets a heart transplant, and I felt such an amazing gratitude for doctors, nurses, etc who dedicate their lives to creating miracles for the rest of us.

They are heroes!!!

And my prayers are certainly with the family who lost their child. In their hour of greatest darkness, they chose to give someone else light :)

I love you Gracey - we will now have years and years of your scowls to love :-; (that is auntie aj's attempt at an emoticon scowl, if you didn't know)

princess jen said...

Okay! I'm taking my orders and going to bed!! I love you sweet buggy-boo and topher too and gracie lynn freebush!

Liz said...

Thank you SO much for texting me. I literally just checked your blog yesterday and didn't see any updates so I'm very glad you let me know tonight. :) I'm so happy for your beautiful, darling, sweet, lucky little girl!! Lots of prayers will be given tonight in the Lewis household.

Our Family said...

Thanks for your comment. But I live in California, so YOU are the ones that need sleep. It's still Wednesday as I type this! Grace may be very unhappy about food, IV's etc., but she is so strong, and it is SO WORTH IT when you think of the final outcome.

Okay, I'll try to sleep.

Simmons Family: said...

YEAH GRACIE... A NEW HEART!!! I'm so so so so excited to read this news at 1am! I pray that things go smoothly and can't wait to read an update in the morning. I can't imagine the pure joy that you two feel knowing that your baby is getting her heart!! I pray for the other family that lost their sweet angel today but what an amazing gift they are able to give to you!!



Allie said...

unlike Amy I feel asleep before this entry It is weird how i just got up to check your blog and it is 4 am. I hope all is going as planned and she is getting ready for her next step in a new journey.lots of love Allison

AMA said...

We are so amazed at your composure during this time. I am sure that you are being blessed by the prayers of those who love you. Yes,
we did much of the previous action in your behalf and continue to do so. I am on my way to cardiac re-hab. Gracie will be in her own little re-hab soon. Maybe this will get us on the cover of Star or National Enquirer, just like Lindsay Lohan! Re-hab is getting a lot of notice now.

Hey, Gracie-You go girl!

Grandma Atkinson