Big Day...

So Gracey and I both had big days today.  Topher and I slept here at the hospital and awoke bright and early...(although still not as early as I'm pretty sure Curtis gets up, ha!) went to see and check on Grace, got some grub and headed to Park City for my Triathlon.  I decided I had put too much work and energy into it to just give it up...and I knew that nothing would keep me going more than the thought and motivation of doing it for Grace.  If she can go through so much and be so strong, I had better live up to being her mommy and be able to push myself as well. :)

They did close her chest this morning around 8, we weren't allowed in for that anyway, so we didn't feel as guilty not being present, and we called throughout the day to check on her.  We have since been back up to the hospital to see her and talked with her nurse who says she has had a great day.  The procedure to close her chest went really well, and she has had a good and restful day.  They also said that they have already started to wean her ventilator settings down, so that is great news as well.
When we came in to see her this evening I was so excited to see her, and I think my high energy bothered her!! I put my finger in her palm and started talking to her and she immediately squeezed my finger and started wiggling everything! Shaking her arms and legs, and even trying to open her eyes and look at me.  Maybe I was actually making her angry, but I will let myself think that she was just excited to hear my voice and be hand cuddled by her mama. 
She truly is my hero in so many ways and I love her so much.  I missed her terribly today and seeing her again, and knowing that all my energy and will power today was for her, was so wonderful. :)
The triathlon went well; I have amazing siblings, an amazing mom and dad, an awesome and loud Karen and the MOST amazing Husband/best friend/coach ever - that all positioned themselves all over the race to cheer me on.  It was a long time to be away from Gracey, and so just that more rewarding to see her this evening.
We just thought we'd update to let everyone know how the day had gone and say a big THANK YOU for all the prayers and support.
We are more blessed every day and feel so grateful for our little Gracey and the miracle she is.  Also, we are so grateful for each other, as well as our families. 
Please continue to pray for Gracey as well as her other heart friends and their families.


Allie said...

Wow what a long day for you. We should have been there to cheer for you I don't think anyone on this side knew you were doing it and where it was at. Good for you. We know where grace gets her drive from you put your mind to it and you did it.sounds like she is still going in the right direction that is such good news. love you all Allison

Jr, Suzie, Cole, Cruz, and Lindsay Dean said...

Praying for Grace everyday! She is so strong and fiesty that she will get through this just fine. Lindsay sends heart hugs and kisses to her heart friend!
Suzie (Lindsay's Mom)

aj said...

WOOHOO Alysia!! Congrats on your triathalon. I walked around my neighborhood the other day, and then I looked at my kids on their bikes, and then I went and showered . . . er, does that count as a triathalon?!

Oh, and then I have a two year old. I figure that should just about qualify :)

But you, with all the stress of the past few days, with all your emotional turmoil, and physical exhaustion, you went and ran/swam/biked your way to glory!

Give her a gold medal, Toph!! With Gracey doing so well, though, I'm sure you already feel like you have one :)

YAY Gracey! I'm so happy you are recovering so well! You have inspired all of us to follow our dreams.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buggy-

Somehow I just knew you would do that triathalon! What a woman. Great stress relief also.
I am so happy to hear that Gracey is doing well in her triathalon.
We have tough women in our family. You added to our gene pool. No wonder Gracie is wonder girl!


Grandma Atkinson

Our Family said...

Congratulations on your triathalon, an on Gracey having such a great day. I am amazed at how well she is doing, and hopefully it won't be long before you get to hold her!

Thoughtful Runner said...

I think it was King Agrippa who, after hearing Paul preach, said he would almost persuade him to be a Christian. Well, after participating in a "support role" with Buggy today, she would almost persuade me to do a triathlon with her! I think it may still take a back seat to our half-marathon goal - but it is out there, somewhere, someday. It was fun being a spectator today for a change - and you did great, Buggy! Congratulations! We'll be happy to be your support team again. (And we are also thrilled that Grace had a good day.)

My Three Sons said...

I have been following since Pam posted on her blog. I just wanted to say that your family is in my prayers and I'm glad to see how fast she is bouncing back. That is trully a miracle.


Sara and Company said...

Yay for you for meeting such an amazing goal! Between school, job hunt endeavors, unbelievable heart struggles, a triathlon, and being the #1 supportive parents that you are, you're little family is going to need a trophy case for all of your gold medals! I know that sounds silly, but really, I am truly amazed by you all and your fight and will power to keep going....usually with a smile on your (gorgeous, by the way) faces! You have definitely "lived up to being her mommy" and daddy and are just amazing!!! So glad that they were able to close up her heart today and that things are going well. And no doubt in my mind that your little Grace just missed you something terrible and was so excited to squeeze your sweet hand again. Love you!

Super Daysh said...

Go bug! You rock! Joe and I are seriously so proud of you for doing that race yesterday! You are one tough cookie! I know Grace is proud of how strong her mama is too!

Family Scads said...

Andersen Fam,

I linked to your blog from another fellow heart transplant mommy. My son just celebrated his 1 year heart transplant anniversary this last week (he was transplanted when he was 16 days old) and he is a happy, normal baby. We have had a lot of hospital visits since his transplant, but it has been nothing in comparison to how he was before his transplant.

This next year for you is going to be really hard. The "house arrest" really wares on your mental state and every little cold that your baby gets is really frightening....but worth it because your sweet baby is alive. The best bit of advise that I can give you is to expect the unexpected. No matter how hard you try to keep her healthy she will still get sick.

Good luck and feel free to contact me. Congrats on her new heart. What a special baby she is. I feel so lucky to be a heart transplant mommy and I can't thank Heavenly Father enough for the gift of life we have been given.

-Kim Scadlock

kalani said...

Alysia you rock! If you do it again I want to do it with you. I wish I had known you were going ahead with it because I would have been there cheering alongside your awesome family. You and Grace are amazing girls and we are all so happy that Topher convinced you to marry him. Wink. You bring out the best in the people around you Buggy. Thanks for keeping the posts coming.

Likes Chocolate said...

Way to go Gracey!!!! We are so glad that you are doing so well. Way to go mom for completing the race. I think it is the best thing for everyone that you went; especially, since the next 6 months to a year hanging and chilling at home. Thankgoodness for Netflix and Paperview along with good books. I remember those days when we were waiting for surgery and then after surgery trying to keep Roman from getting any viruses. Hang in there! I know Heavenly Father is watching over you guys.

princess jen said...

I wish I could have been there to cheer you on too!! You know that I would have shouted much more loudly than Karen.... I love you!