Grace is in the PICU now.  She's looking very swollen, and buried under a bit of a tangle of tubes and wires, but she is pink, and for the first time ever her oxygen saturation is 100 percent!!  It is amazing!!


Allie said...

That is great news, pink is a good color. That was along drive home so I can be by a computer again, love ya Allison

The Butcher Family said...



Heart hugs~ Rebecca

aj said...

100%?????? Ella had an appt with an allergist today (apparently she's allergic to eggs), and her sats kept testing around 90% - so HELLO, little Gracey, you are out "satting" a perfectly healthy two year old!

I hope that the family who's child's heart now beats within Grace will somehow learn how well she is doing - how their inspiration to give one last gift to the world from their child was whispered to them from heaven.

Sweet, Grace, I hope your swelling goes down and that you can soon be held by your loving parents!!

Thanks so much for keeping us updated!! We're all so honored to be a part of this with you!

Post pics as soon as you get a chance. But sleep first :)

Chris & Nikki said...

Hey this is sara sandburgs sister-in-law, nikki davis. I just wanted to tell you that we are praying for a quick recovery for your sweet little girl. We read a briefing of your story on sara's blog, and after reading all of your stories we were touched. Stay strong. You're in our prayers.

Chris and Nikki Davis

Ashley, Jesse and Ryker Smith said...

WE are so Happy for you! Ashley sent me a text telling me "little Gracie got a heart!" It made us both so happy to hear that. Its so great to hear she is doing so well and that everything went well. WE will pray for her quick recovery and for strenght for both of you. We are so happy For all 3 of you! :-)

Becca said...

I just found your blog through Rhett's site--I hope beautiful little Grace's recovery goes well--congratulations on the 100% sats! Samantha had OHS at 4 months (uh, far more routine than a transplant!) and there was a little 3 year old boy there who had a transplant that same day. Kids are amazing fighters.

Anonymous said...

My sat levels are between 94-99. Way to go Grace. Hug Dr. K. for me. I met him the day we visited Grace alone. Neat guy. I asked him if she had a better chance if she was a feisty, fighter. He said ,"Yes." If she was feisty with low sats, watch out what she can do at full capacity! By the way, Buggy, I think it was a great idea that you have been training for a Triathalon. I think you just did it! Only two days early.


Grandma Atkinson

Pam said...

Pink is a beautiful color for a beautiful girl.

100% is a great number to be saturating at.

We will continue to pray for you in the days to come.

Lot's of ((HUGS))

Pam and Rhett

kalani said...

Way to go Grace. We all are so thankful that she is so strong and feisty. They sometimes give us a run for our money but they are always worth it in the end. Thanks for posting so much and for being such amazing people. We love you guys.

princess jen said...

I'm glad you finally get to see her!! I love you!

Shauntelle ~ said...

Congrats little Grace! I hope you have a very restful night and that your mommy and daddy can get some sleep in the wonderful PICU suite. Sweet Dreams of your full life to come.

Kaidence's mommy

Denise said...

I'm so happy that Grace got a new heart today. What a wonderful blessing to your family. My prayers are with little Grace and the family that graciously gave Grace the wonderful gift of life.

Love - Kaidence Stephenson's Nanna

Simmons Family: said...

What a relief... way to go Gracie Girl!! Congratulations to you and your new beating heart! I can't imagine what it is like to see your baby pink and with full sats! It must feel great!!


My Three Sons said...

I came across you blog throgh Pam and Rhett. I just wanted to say great job Gracey!! You keep fighting and get better soon!! I will keep her in my prayers.





Christi Ann said...

I cant help the tears that keep coming to my eyes. She is such a miracle baby. I am so happy for you guys and you are in ALL of my prayers. Your family keeps me going and believing. I love you guys and I wish I could be there just to hug you all!!! PLEASE call me if you need someone to chat with, good or bad. The internet here is the WORST but I will do everything I can to read the updates. Me and the Hadenfeld family are thinking of you. Love and Prayers for you ALWAYS. I love you little Gracie.

auntie christi

(i LOVE saying that. :] )

Carl & Karen said...

Gracey is a beautiful pink color and her nails have never looked better. No more bluish cast to them anymore. She's a tough one, and her swollen appearance just makes her appear even more "don't mess with me" tough. Looking forward to our next visit with our little hero.

Michele said...

WOW!! I was absolutely shocked to check on your blog today and see that Grace has had a HEART TRANSPLANT. What a surprise. I wish you guys the best of luck! We will keep little Gracey in our prayers.

Allison said...

It must be so great to see her pink! So happy for you all! We are praying for you!

Liz's Blog said...

Hi! I am in your sister, Emily's ward here in Vegas. I saw her post and have been up all night praying for your little Angel. I am so happy and grateful that Gracie is doing so well.
Loves and Hugs from Vegas!
Our family will be praying for your sweet little girl and for your family.
Liz, Patrick and Jacob Smith

carolyn q said...

PINK is a fantastic color. I am sure it does seem a little overwhelming but you have been able to get this far and so you will all do great.
I am hoping that you are able to get some good z's with all that has taken place in the last 24 hours.
Congrats to your family . . .what a miracle by the hand of God.
Heart Hugs,
Carolyn Quigley
President, IHH

Katie said...

I just "happened" upon your blog while checking some others while up for a feed tonight...Congratulations to Grace for her new heart and for the PINK and 100% sats! Praying for a smooth recovery and that you'll have that beautiful baby girl in your arms very soon~ I can't imagine what you've went through, our girls are just a couple of weeks apart. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers over the days ahead.
Katie Allred
(Maddie's mom (HRHS)

C.T.KNUDSEN said...

Hello I am Tia Knudsen. I am related through Aleda Mitchells daughter Karla Young. I have been reading your blog through Beverley Allreds. My husband and I have been keeping an eye on your blog you are in our prayers! We are very happy for you and pray for a quick recovery!

Susan said...

She'll perk up before you know it, and then she'll be fat and plump and smiling and laughing and bringing you a world of joy! My prayers are with Grace for a speedy and healthy recovery.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers have been with you since hearing about Gracie's heart. I work with your dad and have a grand-daughter who had heart surgery when she was 7 months old. She too was swelled, they inserted tubes to drain the fluids. She'll be 5 years old next month. She will need another heart surgery to replace her pulmanary valve. Girls are strong, Gracie will do just fine. I told your dad our grand-daughters will have to compare scars one day. Best wishes to all of you.

Cindy Jensen

Super Daysh said...

We love you Bug and Toph and little Grace. Although she is looking a bit like the pillsbury dough boy- she looks healthy and she will recover soon enough. This hospital stay will soon be over and once again- Grace will amaze everyone with how well she will recover. Her doctors have been impressed with how high her sats have been this last little while- and they will continue to be amazed at how well she will heal and how healthy she will be. You just wait. She is one tough little cookie (she's has to be- with all the prayers uttered in her behalf!) We love you and continue to pray for all of you and the family that gave her another chance. Love you!

Sara and Company said...

"Hello Gorgeous!" I was gone all day yesterday but I couldn't stand being away and not knowing how sweet Gracie was and so I kept calling my mom to give me updates. We are so so so SO incredibly happy that things went so well and that she gets to start her, yes, very long, but miraculous recovery! We love you all more than you will ever know and are sending all of our love, thoughts, and prayers. You are an amazing little family!!! Hope you were able to get a little sleep. Keep your chin up!

Sara and Company said...

Here is a post I received on my blog that I thought was very fitting for your little Grace!

Oh Dear. My prayers are with Baby Grace, her family, and yours. I, too, have a daughter who was born with a congenital heart defect and she had open-heart surgery at the tender age of 3 months. We didn't think she would make it. She has since had 3 additional open-heart surgeries and she is happily married and 27 years old. She is our miracle baby, and miracles and prayers do happen. Please keep us updated. Angels are with Baby Grace.


Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for you all, and the family that gave such a gift. I pray that everything will continue to go as well for Grace, as her surgery went.

(Also came from Rhett and Pam's blog)

Lauren K said...

Ally I'm so happy for you, I'm so happy for Grace and I can't wait to come visit you guys when things are a little less chaotic and see her little pink face.

All my love and prayers