Well....this is it...this is us once again in the ICU...a lot more smiles this time than last.

We recieved a call at about 7:00 this evening.  Alysia was on the road to pick up registration stuff for her triathlon this weekend when the cardiologists called and said that they have a heart.   I didn't have my phone with me at home with grace so Alysia actually called one of our neighbors and told them to run me a phone so that I would know to stop all feeds and get everything ready to come into primary childrens.  
We then got the official call that it was a match and it is really going to happen at about 8:00.  I don't think that we have ever gotten here so fast.  
Now we are waiting and setting up.  I will post more as we learn more.


aj said...

We're praaaaaaaayyyyyyying!!!!

We love you Grace!!

aj said...

Oh, and I just took a closer look at these new pics of Grace! How cute! And guess what, Topher? She looks just like you when you were her age! That's amazing :)

It brought (even more!) tears to my eyes to see that :)

Amber said...

oh my goodness.....oh my goodness...that's all I can mutter. Oh my goodness!!!! I am so praying!!!!!!!!!

Allie said...

wow that is great new!!! keep us posted I am sure we all will be watching the comp screen. And waiting for news.love you guys and will be thinking of you. Allison

Christi Ann said...

She is getting so big!!!
And she does look a lot like toph with leash's amazing blue eyes.
So beautiful.