They have repaired the arch and the arteries successfully.  They are now in the process of connecting her new heart.  The nurse that came in and checked in with us said that it is 'beautiful' and that everything is going well so far.  They just need to connect the blood vessels and arch, along with part of the atrium to the new heart.  It will probably be about another hour if not more...but we are definitely one hour closer to seeing our Gracey! 

Keep the prayers coming!
love the Andersens


Thoughtful Runner said...

Waiting rooms really aren't fun places to hang out. But it will be nice to be where the news arrives first. We continue to be encouraged by everything we are hearing and our hearts and prayers continue to be extended in your behalf. We love you! Hang in there, Little Grace!

Thoughtful Runner said...
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Allie said...

That is great news hope you two are all right there is alot of waiting for you guys. Love ya Allison

Anonymous said...

Way to be a good screamer Grace. This is a time that great lung power is going to pull you through.
Your mom and dad are looking forward to hearing you scream again.

Grandma Atkinson

Melynda said...

I just found out your wonderful news!!! Shes getting a new heart. :) We're so happy for the three of you! We're praying for you and the family that gave her the heart!

Heart Hugs
Melynda, Sam and Mariska Anderson
(HLHS 9 months)

Simmons Family: said...

So glad to hear things are progressing smoothly! I can't imagine how difficult and exciting this is for you two. Can't wait to get an update on Gracey when she's done!