Well, here we all are, heading out to surgery....grace is so calm...don't know how she does it, I'm pretty nervous myself...


Allie said...

Topher that is a hard face to read. But if you look at your eyes and graces eyes that have the same look. Iam so glad grace is strong right now you two are looking strong too. Love ya Allison

aj said...

I agree Allie, Grace and Topher have the same look on their faces. I think it says: I am too tired to make sense of all this, but I'm trying anyway!

While Alysia, my dear, you look quite nicely put together and ready to explain things to everyone else! Perfect :)

Looks like you'll be in a marathon this weekend after all . . . but one that you won't be needing your bike for!

Gracey . . . our dear girl - we have been with you all along, and this will be your finest hour (or 4-6 hours, however long it takes). Your fighting spirit will pull you through this, and that new heart of yours is one lucky thing to have found you!

We love you guys! We're right here, praying.