Well as a contiuation as the last post:  

I couldn't wait to just get that last post posted so I really flew through it, but hopefully this one will have a few more details in it. 
We are at Primary childrens hospital.  We got sent right to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit).  Not that grace needed the extra care at the moment, but they weren't too full and by tomorrow we will need to be here, so we just got put right into our own little room here at the PICU.  
At this point we are just getting registered, and situated.  We still havn't seen our actually doctor yet, but what we have been told is that the surgury itself will probably happen in the "Wee hours" of the night.  Though It is pretty hard to tell the difference between night and day here at the PICU since it is always busy, and bright, and seems like the middle of the day.
As far as me and Alysia, we are doing great, don't need anything right now, just lots of prayers please! thank you everybody!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Toph and Alysia,

We are so happy for your little family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We love you and wish Grace the very best!!

John, Kristen and Boys

aj said...

Thanks so much for keeping us all posted . . . I will be up during the wee hours of the night, just waiting for news.

But don't worry about us! Get your 10 minutes of sleep here and there, and when you CAN post, we'll all be here :)

The Mason Family said...

WOW what great news! Grace is about to receive the most precious gift of all! She now has two birthdays to celebrate...best wishes!

Shannon Mason

AMA said...

The 33 Temple rolls , the prayers of family and friends and the great faith of many, has pulled off a miracle just in the nick of time. We will also be praying for the mom and dad who chose to give the gift of life to another child.
May they be blessed in their sorrow.
We will be up reading your blogs and also praying with all we have.

We love you,
Grandpa and Grandma Atkinson

Super Daysh said...

Bug, Topher and little Grace- we are praying like crazy for you guys! We are so nervous for you, but so excited that our prayers have been answered. Please be comforted in knowing that Heavenly Father has a plan and that this must be it. I know he will comfort you in these next few days/weeks as well as the family who gave little Grace the gift of a little heart. We love you so much and will continue praying for you.

Dallin said...

Our prayers for Grace have been answered so many times already, it couldn't be more clear that God has plans for this little miracle baby. Our hearts and prayers are with you tonight as you prepare to receive such a beautiful gift.