Hey everyone...it has been a bit since we posted again, but not too much is going on, we will hopefully get some pictures up in the near future though.  Grace is doing well.  She is learning how to eat from a bottle again, and doing well at it.  She had a little trouble last night, throwing up and not tolerating her feeds as well as would be hoped.  Today seems a little better, but not sure yet how long before she is going to be up to full feeds and if they will keep us at the hospital until then or is they will send us home before that. 

She did start to take her binki again, and seems to remember again how much she likes it.  It is really funny how she remembers things, we try and try and try for days to get her to suck on her binki and she won't and then in the middle of the night she wakes up and the nurses give her her binki and she just sucks away like nothing ever happened...I guess she is in charge :-)  


aj said...

Yes, I would guess that even Gracey knows she is in charge!

It's so nice to get an update from you. I've been hearing through the grapevine that Grace has been improving with each day, but it's sure nice to hear that from her mommy :)

Please do post some pics when you get a chance. I want to see her pretty eyes, and long, long lashes.


Anonymous said...

I just turned the calendar in my office to September. When I found out Gracey would be having surgery on the 22nd of Sept., if she did not have a new heart, I wrote "Grace surgery" on that date.
I had forgotten that after I wrote that, I had added a big "NO!!!". The spirit must have whispered something to my soul at that moment.
How do people get through life without faith, prayer and the Spiirt of the Holy Ghost?

Way to progress, our Princess Gracey.


Grandma Atkinson

carolyn q said...

Thanks for allowing me to visit on Sunday. It was fun to look at Grace from afar and see such determination in her beautiful eyes.
You are amazing parents! My thoughts and prayers continue for your family.

Heart Hugs,

Likes Chocolate said...

WoW! That is so wonderful that Gracey is doing so well. Miracles do exsist. Yahoo!