Last Monday!!!

We had our last Monday appointment this morning!! Twas wonderful.
Grace is still doing really well. Her cardiologist is really pleased with how well Grace is doing developmentally. She can roll over, (not on 'purpose' per say...and not happily, but she can!), she can sit up on her own, and she is starting to stand frequently if you hold her hands. Can I say they are happy with her eating? No. But, oh well, what's a girl to do right??
Grace still will not eat, even after trying a new method, where she received NO FOOD FOR 12 HOURS, (throughout the night), and yet she woke up, happy as pie, and not wanting any food in any form. *sigh*
I just don't know what we're going to do with her. She can eat, she just doesn't want to.
But anyway, we are pretty darn excited about no more mondays. We also got some good news about her 'house arrest'. Although we still can't take her to actual places, like grocery stores, movies, restaurants or any where with crowds, we did get permission to possibly take her to family's houses. Of course no one can be sick, there can't be a large group of people, and it would be better if there was not an abundance of little kids, AND of course, everyone must have a flu shot.
It is something that will hopefully work out, and we'll be able to hopefully visit familiy a little bit more frequently now. I would think we'll still keep it to a minimum, but, its nice to know the option is there now! It may not seem like such a big deal, but this is huge for us!! Grace really is just doing so well. I feel so blessed to have things going as smoothly as they are and to have such a tough little daughter. She may be feisty in ways I don't like so much, but at least she's feisty in all the good ways too.
Here are some fun pics of the little Gracelyn!

She's always pulling on my earrings and necklaces, and trying to stick them in her mouth, so I decided to let her wear them the other day, and I got some cute pictures. :)My sweet visiting teacher made this ADORABLE hat for Grace and I absolutely LOVE it. She is amazingly talented, and you should check out her blog. :) hatsbyash.blogspot.com Thanks Ashly! You're the best!Thank you again everyone for your prayers in our behalf. I know they make such a difference in not only Grace's overall development, but also in my patience with her, my ability to take care of her, her moods and so many other things! Please keep them coming, and pray extra hard that the silly girl will want to eat her food! We love you all and are so grateful for your support, love and prayers! Have a wonderful week!

Love the Andersens


How Time Flies...

It is so crazy to me that just 7 months ago we had this... 2 Months ago this...

And now, THIS!
7 Months has flown by so quickly, and the last 2 even more so.
On the 18th Gracey turned 7 months old!! And then, just a few days later on the 21st, we were thrilled to say that Gracey has had her new heart for 2 months.
We still are and forever will be, so grateful for this immense gift that has blessed our lives. Grace truly is a new little person and is so full of life, spunk and fun. She is a sweet spirit and we would be without her if it were not for the selfless act of a sweet family far away.
She is growing so fast, and progressing so much.
She still is not eating on our own, but that is about as bad as our battles have gotten. And I suppose if that's the only battle we are left to fight, then I can deal with that.
Starting next week, we will only have to go to the Hospital once a week instead of twice! yay!!!
This is a big step for us and we are so excited Grace is progressing as well as she is.

We are grateful to everyone for your prayers and support. Please keep the prayers coming, not only for our little Gracey, but for us as her parents as well. It actually takes a lot more energy that we ever could have imagined to take care of her, and it definitely takes it's toll, especially on Topher with his full time school, engineering department and Huntsman lab committments. He sure is drained after a full day of everything. And yet he always comes home with a smile on his face, ready to play with and take care of Grace. He is a wonderful Daddy and Husband, and I"m so grateful for him..but please keep him in your prayers that he'll have the energy to make it through school!!!
We love you all so much and are again, so grateful for all you do.
Thanks again!
Love the Andersen's
oh...and btw...for those of you that have made your blogs 'private'...but that follow our blog...I'd REALLY like to be able to continue following yours...a.k.a. Baby Joshua and family....and Halle-lou-ya...so, please add my email to your "o.k." list. :)andersen.alysia@gmail.com


Update on Gracey

Grace has been doing all right lately. She has had a little bit of a sore throat and cold the past few days, which has been making her more irritable, more sleepy, more cuddly and even less willing to eat. So, it has its pros and cons. Other than that, not much interesting has been happening as of late.I did go out of town last weekend. My sister and I traveled up to Idaho Falls to visit with my Mom. It was wonderful to get a break from Mothering, and to just have fun. However, I was not without numerous worries about Topher and Grace. He forgot to do her meds a couple of times, and I returned home with Grace on a very new sleeping schedule...its called one nap...an hour before bedtime, and then bedtime whenever she happens to pass out on your lap, (normally around 10:30). Thank you so much Topher!

No, I know I may sound negative, but truly, Topher did a wonderful job with her. We did discover that he definitely can't replace me as the Mom, but he is always a wonderful and amazing Daddy, and I so appreciated his willingness to watch Grace all day, by himself, for multiple days. You are wonderful honey, thank you!!
Our Dr. appointment also didn't have anything new or interesting to say, just affirmed that yes, Grace has a sore throat and cold, but sorry, there's nothing to be done about it, the Drug Companies pulled all Infant Meds off the shelves, so, we've been just sitting it out, and its been ok so far.
I have had numerous requests for pictures...I tried to explain to my sister, that Grace just has not been photogenic lately, but she didn't seem to think that was a reason not to post some anyway...so tossed in numerous random photos from the past 3 or so weeks. This last collage is my favorite...the top 2 pictures just crack me up. I know she looks like she's going to eat you in the left one, however it was actually a HUGE grin. She was thrilled! How funny that she looks like she's about to eat you. And the one to the side of that just reminds me of some quirky bird. She's a cutie.Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. We are doing well, but if any of you are still willing to keep us in your prayers, please pray that Gracey will find the desire to eat once again. I know I joke about it, but it truly is such a battle with her. She will not eat, and what food I do get into her tummy is thrown up almost instantly nowadays. We have actually gotten to the point where it's not that she can't tolerate the food, and its not that she won't put anything in her mouth...She can tolerate it, and she'll put her binky, fingers and any toy in her mouth, but she will go ALL DAY never wanting a bit of food. If not for her feeding tube, this girl truly would starve to death.
We would appreciate any prayers in her behalf to help her re-learn eating and to remember how much fun it used to be for her. Thanks again everyone!