Alien Swimmer baby!

This is zeburr updating da andersen blog for dems.

Here is da ultrasizound for der baby yo....

Ok,thank you Joe. I realize it's been forever since I posted a blog...i'm sorry. I'm working on getting one of those card readers, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. So if you see an inexpensive one somewhere, let me know. That will definitely make my blog postings more frequent.
So, yes, this is my little baby. Joe is a re re however and posted the picture upside down. The circle that seems to have black holes in it, at the bottom of the picture..is actually the baby's head, and you can see it's eyes, and actually in close up, you can see its mouth and nose too. Its pretty cool. The baby is supposedly doing really well, growing perfectly and really healthy. I had actually gone in for just a routine four week check-up, and the Doctor was trying to use the doppler to find the heartbeat. Five minutes into it a heartbeat could not be found, and to ease my panic, my Doctor got the ultrasound machine and found the baby right away. Turns out that the placenta was in front of the baby, and that's what was blocking the heartbeat from being heard. So, I got an extra ultrasound! October will be my fourth month of pregnancy. I'm really excited cuz this is the month when the baby starts being able to hear things. Mostly just my heartbeat and tummy rumblings, but by the end of the month he'll be able to hear Topher talk too. I'm pretty excited.
I still don't really look pregnant, so that's why I haven't posted any pictures of my belly. I just look fat, not pregnant. :)
Anywho, I hope all is well with everyone. I hope no one is sick, cuz my husband sure is. I don't know who he got it from, maybe Dacia, I dunno. He has a high fever, cold, head ache, and he can barely move without looking like he's on the brink of tears. And here I am, stuck at work because Venice has to take her dumb kids to dentist appointments. If HER family was sick, I WOULD BE AT WORK COVERING FOR HER, but no, when my husband is sick...the dentist is more important. Can you tell I'm slightly frustrated???? Cuz i am.
Anywho. Hope all is well with everyone.
Luv Bugs