Visit with the Johnson Family

So as I mentioned before, our next set of visitors was my Dad, Karen and their little girl Rachel. The first couple of days they visited we did things like take them around downtown Charleston to see the historic district, walk along Market Street, that sort of thing. They enjoyed the atmosphere of downtown, and how can you not, really? Charleston is Great. :)
Although they SAY their primary goal of coming to S.C. was to visit us...I'm not so sure. ;) I think they're PRIMARY goal may have been going to Spain. Since my dad is retired Military, Lieutenant Colonel by the way, not to brag, but my Dad is AWESOME....they can get Military hops to a lot of different tourist destinations for the price of a inflight meal and movie. The flights are sort of random, sometimes you can catch one sometimes you can't, sometimes you wait forever, sometimes you get right on. Sometimes you get right on, and then they kick you off! Ha! (Yes, that happened to them this time around). Anyway, they really wanted to try and get to Spain while they were visiting. So, they tried for a day, caught a flight, but then before take off they had to get off the plane because of a malfunction. But they did manage to catch one a couple days later. They spent a week in Spain, and came back and had about 2 days with us. So, the 2 days after their trip we went to Magnolia Gardens. These are historical gardens back from Civil War Era and are beautiful. They aren't your typical castle manicured lawns and gardens, but more a etherial Lord of the Rings-esque design. Lots of ponds, with beautiful bridges, a bamboo garden, paths that follow the Ashley River, beautiful and very old Oak Trees, and lots of blooming Azalea bushes.
We took a tram ride that took us through and around the perimeter of the gardens. We even spotted some alligators and lots of little turltes! Grace and Rachel were pretty entertained, but my dad caught a few zzzzs.
After the Tram ride Topher joined us from work and we went in their little petting zoo where there were billy goats, peacocks, bunnies, snakes, and a really really cute cat of some sort. Like a jaguar only much much smaller and supposedly native to South Carolina the way it was hundreds of years ago.
The gardens were so so beautiful to stroll through. It was relaxing, beautiful and just a lot of fun.
We had to leave the gardens in rather a hurry though because we were trying to catch a ferry to Fort Sumter. We BARELY made it on too! But that little excursion was really neat because their visit was in close proximity to the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. Because of this the Fort was doing some really neat commemorative things. They had people dressed up as military personnel of that era and doing demonstrations of musket and cannon firings. It was really neat. :)
While they were here we also had to take them to Hominy Grill. We've decided its a must with everyone that visits us. They loved it just as much as us! So, I'm telling you! Even if Southern food doesn't sound like its up your alley...there IS something for YOU. Truly. There is. It is so good. :)
On our last or 2nd to last day, I don't remember, bad memory...Dad was a sweetheart and took the little girls to the Wannamaker County Park. There is a great big playground (several actually), a splash pad, a Lagoon and paved trails. The girls had a blast and Karen and I did too!! Dad was kind enough to take kid detail and Karen and I went shopping! yay!! Topher even let me transfer money over my budget to get some things for the house. I got the rug for our living room and our new bed set, and then just shopped because its so much more fun without kidlets!! It was super fun.
Anyway, our time with them was short, but we were so grateful to have them and had a lot of fun! Thanks so much for everything Dad and Karen! Bring my siblings with you next time! hehe
Thanks for checking in.
Love the Andersens