Ellie Burr!!

I just have to take a minute and welcome my new niece to the world!!! 

My beautiful sister Dacia had her baby girl this past Tuesday, (at 1 in the moring!!) and it is so so wonderfully exciting!
They named her Ellie Naomi Brewer, but I like to call her Ellie Burr.  hehe
She is itty-bitty, at least to me, weighing only 6 lbs. 15 oz. and she has a head full of beautiful little tufts of soft dark blonde hair.
I have gotten the privilege of seeing her every day since she was born and also of holding her quite a few times.  I love baby snuggles!!  I have to say, she makes the cutest little noises.... contented little sighs, little whimpers & squeaks.  It is the most adorable thing.  Even her crying is cute.   
Anyway, this is her and her adorableness. :)
Just had to shout "hurray!" for my new niece!  So so cute & sweet.
Oh, and btw, just because it's funny, Grace adores her, even though she's not allowed to touch her right now...who knows if she still has a runny/stuffy nose etc...
But Grace sees her and points, then furiously signs "please", while grunting in Ellie's direction...
I see a pair of 'best friends' in the making.  Or at least, I can only hope so. :)
What better than to have your baby be best friend's with your best friend's baby, right???