Mr. & Mrs Andersen

What a month! The few days before the wedding were insane, what with realizing all the last minute details that needed to be handled. Buying frames, getting all the pictures developed, finding centerpieces, and making bouquets for the big day. For 8 months, the stress level was so high and there were so many plans to finalize, all i could think and dream about was March 8th. Then on March 8th at 10:45 p.m...when everything was wrapping up, and I was driving away in our once clean, but newly destroyed getaway car, I thought, "wow, all that planning for one day? was it all really worth it?!"

Well, what i remember of my wedding is all a little blurry. I think I was so smitten by my adorable husband and caught up in the excitement that all I remember really is the smile on Topher's face, endless kisses and thinking how cute my polka dress and matching nails were!

The day went smoothly and was so much fun. My emotions were a mixture of wanting the day to never end, but being more anxious than ever for the end of the reception.

Everything seemed to go beautifully, and the only thing missing really was my big sister Emily and her little family! The temple ceremony was beautiful, but I felt a loss not having my big sister and her husband. The pictures are all beautiful, but none of them look quite right when they're missing the Hoopes family.

Although they weren't there, we still managed to squeeze in some Emily time when I talked to her on the phone after the temple.

My cake was probably one of my favorite things at the whole reception, it was so perfect! Also, we had to die for Italian Sodas and crepes with fruit topping! (Thank you Emily for you wonderful ideas!)

It seemed like the longest day of my life when I was in the moment, but now looking back, Its sad that it was over so fast.

Our honeymoons were amazing! We had two. A mini one that was 3 nights at Anniversary Inn in a different room each night. And then a week later, the big one, down to Riviera Maya in Mexico at an All Inclusive beautiful resort!

Everything seemed too good to be true, but on Saturday when we left the resort, we were definitely ready to come home and sleep in our own bed in our own messy little apartment.

We are so in love and are loving every minute of being married. Its so different, but so much more fun than we ever could've imagined.

We are so grateful for our families and their love and support and so grateful that the mini Johnson family is complete...cuz obviously...Topher was always what was missing! :)