Lengthy Ode to My Love

Today is a very special day. :) It is my Topher's 26th Birthday!
The love of my life is one year older (wiser too perhaps?). And yes, I try to be appreciative of him on a daily basis, not just on his Birthday, and yes I COULD write blogs about how much I love him on a regular basis, but...people would most likely get annoyed, and no longer read my sappy blog. And Topher would be embarassed. Those of you who know him know he has quite the adorable pink cheeks when embarassed. BUT, since it is his actual birthday today, I can go all out. Write just how much I love and adore him and no one can complain, and he only has to be embarassed for a few short minutes. :)

Anyone who knows me, my dating history, and Topher, KNOWS that Christopher Curtis Andersen marrying me, is well, a miracle!! For me, his being my husband is the most powerful confirmation of God's love for me. There is no way He would send me someone as AMAZING as Topher, unless he loved me A LOT.

That aside, I just want to take a minute, for Topher and for me and my kids in the future that read this....to just name some of the many reasons I love my Husband so very much.
Topher is a trooper. This week we have ALL been sick. It started with Grace being sick. Then Topher and I both caught it a day or so later. As of yesterday, Grace was getting a little bit better, and Topher and I were both getting worse. Now...it's his Birthday week people. But, has he once complained about being sick? NO! He has stayed home a whole day from school (which is a HUGE deal for him at this point in school) JUST to be with me. Yes, he rested a little, but mostly he cooked, cleaned and babied me and Grace. On top of that, yesterday he let me lie around moping and feeling sorry for myself, while once again, he cleaned and babied me and Grace. He put movies on for us, tucked us into bed together, put laundry away, brought us drinks. And let me remind you, he IS STILL SICK.
I know, I know, my family is thinking that I'm the worst wife ever. And that may be. But, Topher doesn't think so!! I know!! What is the MATTER with him!! He says he loves me. But, I'm still wondering if my parents are secretly paying him. ;)
If that is not reason enough to love him to pieces, then let's add on to that the fact that I have been INSANELY grumpy the past few days. I have been crying randomly and sad constantly, un-motivated, whiny, and completely un-helpful. I know for a fact, that I would drive myself and many others crazy. I feel that I should have been driving Topher crazy. But instead, he told me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. This is with no make up, 3 days of unwashed hair, no deodorant, a fever, a cough, and a tissue up my nose, while whining and being self-centered.
See why I think he is being paid??!
He is such a sweet heart. I wish I deserved such a Prince, but deserving or not, I am SO GRATEFUL HE IS MINE!!!
Not only is he a wonderful husband who for some reason adores me, and loves me unconditionally, he is the most loving, affectionate, and attentive Daddy.

He is so sweet with Grace and everyone who knows us, knows that Grace's favorite person in the whole world is her Daddy. And it's not hard to guess why.
He plays with her, tickles her, lets her give him kiss after kiss, even when she has a snotty nose. He'll watch Shrek three times in a row for her, or 10 minutes each of Mulan, Shrek, Toy Story, & Peter Pan before she decides that really she just wants to eat. He plays hide and seek with her, takes her outside on adventures, plays "1-2-3 wee!" over and over and over. He helps her feed, change, and put her baby dolls down for naps.

He makes her favorite TinkerBell and Buzz Lightyear characters with his Mr. Potato Head stash. He reads her stories, dances with her, sings to her, even when its out of key. He has no problem changing diapers, even if it's Grace's 3rd in 25 minutes. He lets her put him to sleep, even when he is trying to put HER to sleep. And he is so so patient with her. Little Grace can be such a handful sometimes, and most of the time when she is whining, crying, screaming or even screaming her Graceysaurus shrieks, he can just smile and think she's adorable.

So, yes, he is an amazing family man. But it doesn't stop there.

I had a lot more written out here, but, re-reading it, it was too much to share in such a public blog. So....although this has already been quite the ode to my man...I'm going to lengthen it a little more and name my 10 most favorite Topher qualities. :)
1. I love how smart he is. He is dedicated and works hard in school and personally, I think he's a genius. Even if he CAN'T keep track of his phone or car keys. :)
2. I love that he is in the Navy. Maybe it's because I grew up in a military family, maybe it's because military to me means masculine. ;) But I love that he has taken our lives in the direction of the Navy and all it has to offer us. :)
3. I love that he wants to be a Doctor and go to Medical School. It's going to be a LOOOONG road and definitely hard. But so rewarding. And I think he'll be amazing.
4. I love how much fun we have together. He is a genius yes, but he has no problem acting like a big nerd with me. We laugh so much together and I love that.
5. I love how much he loves the outdoors. I know we'll never have a summer without multiple vacations that include camping, kayaking, picnics and kite flying. I love that he takes us on adventures and gets us outside.
6. I love that he is adventurous. He always wants to try new things and just about everything he tries, he's good at. This summer he finally did kite-boarding lessons and it was a blast for him and for me to watch.
7. I love that he plays games with me!!! We have about a bazillion games, and we play games constantly. We like to take a day off from everything, watch movies and play games and it's the greatest!
8. I love how much he loves me, and Grace. And I love knowing that he would do anything for our little family's well being.
9. I love his testimony and strength in the gospel. He is such an example to me and I love having that in my life. He always brings a strong spirit into our home no matter what and that means the world to me.
10. I love that he loves my cooking!!! He thinks I'm the best cook ever! And what wife doesn't like to hear that??!!
and 11. because I need a #11...I love that my husband is a babe!! I love that he can grow a beard and it grows in red!! How awesome is that!!? I think he has the sweetest most perfect face, (esp. his nose!!) and I love that my head fits perfectly in the nook on his shoulder. :)
I love you Topher!!!!!!! You are my everything!! Thank you for being the perfect Husband for me! No one could love me better!
Happy Birthday!! I'm so excited to celebrate you!