Three Little Bugs...?


I'm It! I'm It!!

I thought this would be really fun...but now that I'm actually trying to think of things to say I realize its going to be WAY too easy for people to figure out which one the lie is...my life seems way to open. :( Probably cuz I have such a big mouth. :)

1. I was in homeschool for a year for kissing a boy
2. I was rejected from BYU-Idaho the first time I applied
3. I almost didn't graduate High School
4. Dacia and I received our real "first kiss" moments in the same week as each other
5. I have won or placed in Scholarship Pageants 3 times
6. I take a pregnancy test every week
7. Topher made the first move in our relationship
8. I don't think I will ever finish school
9. My secret wish is to be a Marine Biologist

Ok...well, I think that's it!
Have fun!