Road Trip of All Road Trips...except we didn't start in CA....Day #1

So, yesterday, March 8th, (Topher & my Anniversary btw!!! :) ) was the first day of our (almost) across the country exodus to move ourselves and probably roughly 300 lbs. of our belongings, from Utah to South Carolina where our new house is waiting.

Our plan was to leave around 2 or 3 and drive the 6 hours to Cortez, CO and then see Mesa Verde that evening or the next morning.
HA! When will we ever learn. Like we would ever actually leave when we plan!! So, we left at 4:30. From Farmington. Then we made a stop in Kaysville. A stop in Bountiful. And a stop in Salt Lake. . . . And by 7:30 we were finally passing Provo! *sigh*
We aren't so good at time management ok! We see that now.
Some tid bits from yesterday that I want to be sure and write down before I forget them are these:
When leaving Topher's parent's house they asked us to stop by the High School in Kaysville to try and say 'bye' to toph's little sister. The drive to the H.S. from their house is maybe a whole 5 minutes, if that. As soon as we were down his folks driveway, Grace wanted her coloring book, (thank you dad and karen btw!!) about 45 seconds later she wanted her fruit snacks (thank you dad and karen again!). When we parked at the H.S. she had just finished her fruit snacks. She handed me her fruit snack wrapper and said "Oh! We here! South Carolina!"
Uh-oh! If she thought 5 minutes was how long it took to get to S.C. then this is going to be a long trip!!
Topher and I cracked up and couldn't stop chuckling about that for a while. Obviously we drastically overestimated Grace's understanding of where we are going and how long it will take to get there.
To further that notion, for the rest of the drive her responses to our suggestions or questions went something like this: Us, "Grace do you need to go potty yet?" Grace, "No. I go in South Cayoyina. (that's how it sounds when she says it)". Us, "Grace, are you hungry? Should we get some dinner for you?" Grace, "Dats ok. I'll eat my dinner when we get to South Cayoyina."
When we told her we were staying in Moab last night and not South Carolina, she started bawling that she wanted to go to South Carolina, not "Mobe!"
Anyway, we had a good drive yesterday and other than Grace's confusion andannoyance that we didn't make it all the way to South Carolina in 4 hours, I'd say we did pretty good.
Since we didn't take any pictures yesterday though, I don't have any to share. So, instead I will post one of Toph and I because it was our anniversary!!!
On our way out of town he took me to Nielsen's Frozen Custard. Now, this may not seem romantic to you guys, but Topher knows me well, because a Raspberry Pecan concrete is INDEED, the way to my heart. It made me so so happy and I decided I may miss Nielsen's Raspberry concretes more than any other tangible thing (outside of my own family of course).
I then told Topher, after lots of hugs and kisses thank you, that our goal in Charleston would be to find ice cream that was a fraction as delicious as Nielsens. We definitely have our work cut out for us, wouldn't you say?
In case Topher ever reads this, I want him to know that I love him so so much. 5 weeks without him was bearable, but probably about as unenjoyable as having brillo pads in place of toilet paper. I missed him so so much. He is my best friend, my biggest fan, my wall to bounce thoughts off, (even when they're stupid), the person that laughs at all my lame jokes, thinks i'm pretty with no makeup, reminds me to be kind when I'm not, and to stand up for myself when I don't. He is my everything and without him, every day life is just not as fun. My family can be wonderful, and they make life fun too, but at some point they get sick of me and Gracey incessantly hanging around ya know? And frankly, on a day after day basis without Topher, life just starts to suck after a while. So, Topher, thank you for coming back! I know grace and I are needy and exhausting and pester you to utter frustration sometimes, but thank you for coming back, and even acting like you missed us. :) Thank you for taking care of us and loving us even with all our quirks. Thank you for asking me out 5 years ago, and for being so "stuck on me". I'm glad you didn't give me the chance to go out with anyone else, when you knew it would just be a waste of my time. :) I'm glad that you put the moves on early to ensure you'd "keep" me (topher's words, not mine!). I am glad I am yours and no one else's forever and eternity. Thank you for "keeping" me and marrying me and blessing us with such a beautiful, spunky daughter. I hope we can have more..but maybe the other ones could be just like you this time. ;) I love you. Happy Anniversary my love.

Anyway. Thanks for checking in! We love you all!
Thank you so much for keeping tabs on us!


The Andersens said...

Well I don't think that I deserve any of that praise, and I'm quite certain it is I that would lose my head if I didn't have you, alysia, that was a really sweet post! You are the best!! I missed you and Grace while i was at "Navy School" . Happy Anniversary my dearest most wonderful wife!!!!

Mythreesons said...

So... you didn't mention if you actually made it to Moab and what time it was when you finally got there! I hope you update everyday... it'll be fun to watch your drive! I hope you guys see lots of fun stuff!

princess jen said...

LOVE this very sweet post. I have always loved watching you two together. You're so sweet and kind to one another, you're very caring and there's absolutely no doubt as to how much you love each other, are IN love with each other and how passionate you are about one another. I miss you!! Can't wait for more updates.

Super Daysh said...

What does Topher being gone, have to do with you wiping your bottom? Topher=not a brillo pad. Got it! I'm glad you had a good drive thus far and glad that you are writing these things down so you don't forget them. Hope you enjoy the next million hours with Grace asking "are we there yet?" "are we there...yet?" "How about now?" "Now?" etc. etc. Good luck! We miss you already!

Lady of the Rings said...

Very cute post. I am glad you are keeping us informed of your wanderings. Hopefully you did make it to Albern-quirky today. We are looking forward to hearing more from you and Not-brillo-pad.

Rachel's Mommy said...

I love Gracey stories--I'm STILL laughing!! I'm so glad you're blogging about your trip--can't wait for the next installment!

Alan J. said...

Miss you guys already. It's crazy thinking you're not just a 30-minute drive away!

Alan J. said...

Oh, and Grace cracks me up! She's so funny!

Liz said...

You guys are adorable. I'm going to miss you like crazy! I so wish I could have seen you before you left. Guess we'll just have to come visit...

Thoughtful Runner said...

If you find a rival for Nielsen's, I'd say you have done well - and make sure you take us there when we visit you next month! BTW, are you in South Caroyina yet?
And in case you think otherwise, we miss you already! What will a game night be without you guys?!?
As for time management - just remember that you can always drive 1000 miles the last day! Enjoy the roses - and the drive. We are enjoying the updates.