Just Because

Look at my adorable husband!!

But you have to admit, when you usually see pictures of men in military uniform, don't you agree that they are usually stern faced and serious looking? Don't you think it is all too fitting that for Topher he has a grin from ear to ear? I love it. It is so like him to be thrilled like a 5 yr. old that he gets to dress up as a Navy Officer. Only it's not dress up, so even better! He had to pay a pretty penny for his uniform and even had it specially tailored to him. I think he looks rather dashing.
I just wanted to post pictures of our house thus far. I think the exterior is done now! :) I couldn't be happier with how it looks!
Here is our backyard. See all that pretty fluffy looking green grass?? Yeah, they'll most likely get rid of all of it and replace it with 'landscaping' sod that is stiff and prickly and not soft to walk on at all. :( That's the way S.C. grass is: stiff, and prickly. *sigh*
But I am so excited about our house and about Topher! He is doing great at ODS and as I said before, he is enjoying himself in many ways.
He sent me these beautiful tulips on Valentines Day, what a sweetie!! I sent him a pkg. as well. I cut out tons of paper hearts and stuffed a flat rate envelope with them. I wrote love notes on them and made him a card. Well, as it turns out, any and all mail has to be 'inspected' by Topher's commanding officer. So, Topher's commanding officer had to inspect the hearts and make sure there was no candy in the pkg. When Topher stood up to leave some hearts fell out of the envelope, completely straight faced his Commanding Officer barked "Don't forget your hearts, sir."
LOL!!! I don't know why, but for some reason that REALLY cracks me up.
Anyway. We are doing all right. Grace still has 3 or so viruses fighting for top spot in little Grace's system. She has strep, a cough, a cold and a fever that just won't go away. She's had all of those for almost a week now!! Not fair!! This poor girl gets sick too easy already, its just sad how much this little girl has to take at once. And yet, do you think she is sad? Do you think she is pouting or whining about being sick? NO! Nothing keeps this little spitfire down. She is happy as ever and wouldn't believe you if you told her she was sick. Granted when she has coughing fits, she always looks at me and says very matter of factly "Mommy, its no fun to be sick". So, I guess she has an idea that there is something not right. But, she doesn't mind enough to slow down at all. :)
I'm so grateful for her strong, fighting spirit. This little girl is a trooper, and it amazes me, because she could easily be a wilting little flower that can't handle it...but she takes everything in stride and with a smile.
Thanks for checking in on us!


princess jen said...

Topher is so cute!! I love that photo of him grinning. I also love those tulips he sent you. What a sweet hubby :) I'm glad Grace is still going strong even though she's sick. Tell her we love her!!

Laurenkri said...

So exciting! I wish you well if I don't get to see you! Maybe we should try to get together this weekend? Not if its too stressful though. We could have girls night and such :).

Love you!

Thoughtful Runner said...

Dashing, indeed! He's beginning to look QUITE like a Naval Officer! And from the house pictures it appears we may even have a place to stay when we come to visit you! YEAH!
Sorry, though, about Gracey's cold, strep, etc. Hopefully, she'll be over them all very soon.

Mythreesons said...

Aww! He sent you tulips! Such a good Topher. And I'm with you... I love my hubby in uniform. Mmmmm. Glad Topher is loving the navy life so much.
Oh, and you know... if you didn't want to come, you could have just said so. You didn't have to make yourselves sick.
Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

Rachel's Mommy said...

Great post--I love that Topher is smiling in his dress blues, and your house looks AWESOME! Plus, those are some of the prettiest tulips I've ever seen. Go Andersens!

Shannon said...

So I just read all these recent posts. Congrats on all the exciting things happening. I agree with Emily's earlier comment. Change is hard and moving to a new place will be hard but you will find new friends and hopefully you will enjoy military life as much as we have.

Liz said...

i can't believe this is all happening!! you guys will rock south carolina. poor state will never be the same... haha just kidding. i hope gracey gets better soon!! PLEASE call me if we can do anything to help with the move! we're right down the street!

Amy Finnegan said...

Both your house and your husband look SOOO awesome!! I hope Grace gets better soon! She is a trooper, as you said, but I still worry about her lots. xo