Road Trip Day #5

On day #5 we crossed over the Mississippi River to go from Arkansas to Tennessee and decided to check out Elvis Presley's "Graceland".

I did a famous person report on him when I was in 8th grade and so I have always had some interest in him. Topher, well, he just went because he loves me and is a good sport. So, we got there, neither of us knowing what to expect in relation to prices, tours, what there was to see or do, etc... So, Topher went to the ticket booth, and assumed that this was important to me because I hadn't really considered NOT going, and so, the sweet boy paid $60 to get us both in to see Graceland. Well, I didn't have my glasses on, so I thought the tickets were $13 a person, not $31!! So of course i didn't say anything because I thought $13 was reasonable! Let's just say that Topher was a little confused when I was extremely upset that we had to pay so much! He thought he was going out on a limb and getting something special for me, and really I thought it was a ridiculous rip off and would never have paid that much to see Elvis Presley's living room!

But because Topher is a sweetheart he told me that it was already done, we couldnt change it, and so we had might as well enjoy it since we had to pay so much to get in. Well, it took a while to convince me to do that, but I eventually got there.

I still would say that it is a rip off, and not worth the money at all, but, we still had fun, and now I can say I took the Elvis Presley Tour.

Something else that bummed me out about Graceland though, was that we had only been thinking of spending 30 min. to an hour there, but because we paid so much for the tickets, AND they made us wait in line for an hour to get on the tour bus, we ended up being there for over half the day. This was disappointing to me because our next stop was going to be Nashville, and I had had a lot of things I wanted us to see and do there. But, no such luck when you get there at 7:00 p.m.

Needless to say, we got there really late, probably around 7:00 so it was too dark to see or do anything anymore. :( Next time hopefully.
We did stop at the true to size replica of the Grecian Parthenon, and that was really neat, but because it was so late, we couldn't take the tour inside or anything.

We then stopped at a White Castle to get some sliders, (that was our shout out to you, Karen!) and then we continued driving to Manchester, Tennessee.
Sadly, because I am writing this so behind schedule, i don't really remember any cute stories from the day.

The only thing I remember that was sort of cute is this: Before we left Utah, Dacia and I went shopping together. I picked up some Barbie movies for Grace for in the car because, to my dismay, she absolutely loves them. One of them especially, became her favorite for the trip and was probably watched on average between 2-3 times a day. By day #5 she had the songs almost completely memorized. When we were at the Parthenon, she kept running ahead of us and singing, and putting herself high up on the stairs, or anything that was set higher than us, and just singing. She would sit there, singing and twirling and with the biggest smile on her face, singing all the words to Barbie, The Swan Princess. It really was so very cute. I loved just watching her; that sweet, exuberant smile on her face, singing, and if she caught me looking at her, she would get bashful and smile even bigger, but in turn sing quieter. Such a sweet girl she was.
Every night she would ask us, "We going to nuddah howtail?" No fail, every night she asked that question, and then would ask if we could go swimming.
I just loved the way she said hotel.
Anywho...that was day #5.
Miles Today: 283
Total Mileage: 1,784

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Super Daysh said...

Sorry that was such a bummer of a day and that Graceland was such a disappointment. That really stinks- but way to go trying to keep a positive attitude. ;) You are very behind...chop chop! More blog posts and pictures of the house!! What are you? Busy or something? tee hee hee. Glad you got there safely...and now I"m just "patiently" waiting for more pictures. :)

princess jen said...

I was wondering what happened to Day#5!! Sorry it was so disappointing. I hope the next days are awesome. I miss you!!

Rachel's Mommy said...

Thank you for translating "hotel"--never would have gotten that otherwise! Woo hoo--sliders!! I'm so jealous! Hopefully you enjoyed them (and they didn't come back to haunt you!) Yes, Graceland is overpriced but I still quite enjoyed it years ago so I'm glad you had pricey fun there! Rachel loves those creepy Barbie movies too--yikes!

Gina and the Gang said...

Beautiful pics! So happy to see your great adventure!

Thoughtful Runner said...

But you didn't address the question that haunts all of us: Has Elvis left the building??? I have never made it to Graceland, but now between you and Karen I can say I was there by proxy and can keep the $30. Hope you enjoyed the Sliders and White Castle.
We'll be looking forward to a Barbie concert when we see you next month. Who knows, perhaps there is even a duet in store for us!